what happened after a cup of Turkish coffee & a Spanish 43…?

I loooove this Spanish liqueur….nam!
cup of Turkish coffee, medium sweet
& 43 on ice…aaah!

…soon I noticed, liqueur almost finished,
light hit the piece of ice…
then started the play time –
with canon g9…that was fun! Again!

NOPE, I had only ONE – I know, you wanted to know… 🙂

12 thoughts on “what happened after a cup of Turkish coffee & a Spanish 43…?”

  1. wau! miten osaat sanoiksi laittaa nakemasi…ihan hakellyn…kiitos!ja oikeasti, en juonut kumpaakaan kuin yhden 🙂 mutta valon osuminen jaahan sai kuvaushimon paalle…hassua!

  2. Ihania kuvia, osasta tuli sellainen titanicmainen olo (ihan kuin kuvassa olisi ollut laivan keula) ja sitten etenkin näissä alemmissa oli avaruudellista fiilistä, jotain “geelimäistä”.Aikamoisia asioita siis tapahtui turkkilaisen kahvin ja espanjalaisen juoman jälkeen 🙂

  3. Hi! thanks for dropping by to my site.. yah i was too sleepy when i post that, thats why i wasnt able to organize.. you have nice blog site.. cool pictures.. Im a fan of travelling and collecting photos as well. ryt now im here in Dubai.. soon il finished updating my travel&photography blogsite..

  4. i use PHOTOSPACE..it’s FREE and easy to learn!if I can learn how to use it, you can too! 🙂Just test all the options first..You do need time&peace to do that…but when done, you know what possibilities there are!Next Tue/Wed night we start our holiday trip to Australia, so I tried to play with the camera, I’ve taken..hundreds of shots in past few days… my husband was in Finland, coming back today, I’ve had time only for myself and my silly, funny play times… 🙂

  5. Amazing shots!I love the bottle photo. The reflection makes it look so good. You’ve done such a good job with this one. I take photos of bottles but they are too shiny. Yours doesn’t. How did you do that?Love, love, love the photos of ice. How did you get the cool effects?Would love to hear some tips.


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