Glenelg, Adelaide, Australia…

NOT a shark – delfin! 🙂

more pics here lisää kuvia täällä


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  1. yep, let’s not worry! 🙂normal mistakes are different. this was a “flow mistake”…when you’re in your own peaceful world words just come out…and you forget to check or just don’t notice…I make real mistakes far too often…so what? Not so dangerous! and we can always ask if something is not clear…

  2. Nah, no worries.I’m not here to correct anyone.We say Delfin in German too 🙂(I’m not even sure right now about the spelling there, dooh)I remember quite a few funny coincidences when hubby and I argued over some words and their use 🙂Or when he teases me for using something wrong 😉


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