blobs, spots – whatever, nuisance of daily life… arjen hankaluuksia mutta 'kaikkeen' tottuu…

do you recognize these spots? do they disturb your day, every day?

tunnistatko nama laiskat? hairitsevatko ne paivaasi, jokaista paivaa?
sori, pisteet kadonneet…aakkoset on nyt aakkoset! hah-hah 🙂

yes, our coffee pot looks like this if we don’t clean it with vinegar…
daily – nope! i’m too lazy for that!

juuripa, kahvipannumme nayttaa talta jos sita ei pesta etikalla…
paivittain – en viitsi!
olen liian laiska huitomaan etikalla jokaisen kahvinkeiton jalkeen…

do you have similar problem?

onko sinulla sama ongelma?

here’s a link how to

Jimi Hendrix and Hey Joe on radio right now…oh, those were the days…

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  1. Johki; I don’t cook with tap water – sometimes potatoes…Coffee always from bottled water…Some locals eat the fish they catch from Nile…that river is full of s***t, I wouldn’t even touch the water! yak!

  2. Heh, water in Cairo is really…hmmm…interesting! Water coming from our kitchen is totally white…yuck. And when it’s doing this to all pots, pans and cups I hate to imagine what it does if you drink it. Locals do drink it, they don’t bother to buy bottled water and most don’t have money anyway. I make coffee and food from tap water but sometimes I think if it would be best to make everything from bottled water as well. Years and years ‘eating’ it…well?!!??In Luxor water is even more horrible.

  3. Mytho & ScriberI’ve had some problems with gmail as well!I’ve noticed that your time around 8 am I’m starting to have troubles here…might be that traffic here increases too…Limestone, that’s it i guess…you can’t drink the tap water here…full of all kinds of ‘poisons’…yak!Can you drink your tap water?

  4. I am thinking it is lime in the water….here there is a lot of limestone beneath us and underground water carries lime in solution as it comes to the surface…in areas where lime in the water is extensive…as in the Midwest, people use water softeners to filter the water as it comes into the house…it is harmless, except it can actually build up and harden inside pipes, etc…that’s what your nuisance reminds me of…maybe in your area it is from something else…?

  5. I love how you take simple things and make the photos so beautiful. Who knew that coffee pot stains could look so beautiful:)PS: I can’t access my gmail this morning. I’ll try it again during lunch. I can access it on my blackberry so read your email. Will respond soon:)


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