birdcage – big enough for 2? & question of the day… lintuhäkki 2:lle linnulle – tarpeeksi iso? & päivän kysymys…

On Monday I heard a new, really high, ear-splitting sound…
these two birds are caged in our neighbour’s garden…
Is the birdcage big enough for two birds?
(i feel sorry for them…i see them just sitting or walking few steps in that small area…)

Toissapäivänä naapurin pihalle ilmestyi tämä häkki jossa on kaksi lintua…uudesta, korvia vihlovasta ääntelystä menin katsomaan mistä kyse…
Onko häkki tarpeeksi suuri kahdelle linnulle?
(sääliksi käy lintujen…siellä ne vankeudessa istuvat tai kävelevät muutaman askeleen, mitä mahtuvat…)

question of the day: what’s this?
päivän kysymys: mikä tämä on?

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  1. Scriber; they are all day in there…I don’t know how long they’ve had them (I can see old birdcage in their garden) but now they’ve been there 2 days, day and night. They have a blanket on at night….argh!Nicole; nope. Not that Turkish white one… 🙂One more hint.Blue color is not original.I’ve processed pic a little bit, original is not that ‘fat’…

  2. Nope, that cage is way too small.Pic (after reading your hint): Turkish honey, or whatever they call that sweet white stuff?🙂Anyhow, now I grave ice cream, because it reminds me of walnut ice cream 🙂

  3. Are the birds in the cage all day long? Then it is very very small. And it lacks the basics. My Birdie has a cage but she only sleeps in it. She will only sleep in a cage after we cover it up with a blanket. She is outdoors all day long. She has a ledge and a play pen. I’ll take photos of it one of these days and post them. I am with BG here. I hate birds in cages. It is one of the most self-indulgent things humans can do. The only reason we have Birdie is because she flew into our backyard. She can’t survive in the wilderness. She lands on dogs and cats and tried to play with them. Plus she has no idea how to feed herself. She would be dead in a day. She was probably raised by a human since she was born.The other thing that I notice about this cage is that it does not have enough standing area for two birds.The bird on the bottom is sitting on the cage. That is very tiring for their feet. They need something thicker like a branch to sit on.See the wooden stick near the water? Birdie’s cage has 3-4 of these in her cage so she can walk around and decide which branch to sleep on. They need to get rid of the plastic perches and get more wooden ones.Oye. This makes me so so sad.

  4. argh! too small cage, i agree!they had 2 dogs and kept them in a tiny area back of the house, barking us mad.Hopefully dogs are happier now, where ever they are!but those birds…I don’t know anything about parrots as pets. How big area they need…?We have a LOT of free birds around. Why they need to have 2 in a cage?I don’t understand!Image: not bread, not a sponge…I give a hint: you have to remove this…then you can enjoy…what?

  5. no, the cage could NEVER be big enough…I hate birds locked up in a cage…as much as I love animals, I can not stand to have birds as pets. I think it is inhumane and insensitive to what the creatures are.Sorry, I feel very strongly about thisyour comment on my blog was so funny yesterday! thanks!I think this blue foto is of a sponge…or maybe chalk of some sort? it is obviously porous because of the small holes, but hhhmm…not so sure!BG


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