CONCLUSION girl vs. woman… YHTEENVETO tyttö vs. nainen…

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here’s what you said:

mythopolis said
“To me, ‘girl’ as a reference to a woman suggests a youthful or playful spirit regardless of age, and is not meant to be condescending. A woman with a profession or career might take offense at being called a girl depending on the context of the word’s use.
Also, for a young person to respond to an older person as “Sir” or “Ma’am” is considered to be the most polite or respectful reference.
“Baby” can be a somewhat protective or parental reference as well, from either sex…
“I’ll take care of you, baby.”

Ballerina Girl said
“to me there is always this power struggle with ladies”
“really should depend on the setting/context”
“if you want to refer to yourself/your friends casually as girls…then why not”
“There is a time and place to be a bit more proper and “lady-like” and expect those around you to respect you as an individual…be it man or woman.”
“in the instance of the 37 year old girl…I think she wants to just think of herself as a youthful spirit filled female.”

Scriber said
“Let me tell you girl!” It is generally used when girl friends talk to each other. It is like the word “honey” that most men call their wives/girl friends in US.”

Nicole said
“In German I would never call myself “Maedchen” (girl)”

Elin said
Don’t call me a girl, in any language, unless you want to get slapped in the face.
The tone is so different when talking about men as “boys” or “guys”, compared to talking of women as “girls”. The latter, to me, is always belittling, making smaller, easier to shrug off and not take seriously.

It’s dependent on the situation and context.
We women want to be girls in some situation but some situation it’s not okay.
We feel young as girls inside, in our minds even if we are old BUT that’s a private, inside feeling.
We women are girls to each other but men should be careful for e.g. at work.

Ebru in Turkey, Erbebe in France and me here in Egypt, we are Mrs. or Madame.
Nicole from Germany would never be a girl at home but in English it’s okay.
So it’s also a matter of culture and language.

My mother is almost 80 yrs old. She is very young for her age.
She really likes it when she’s called a girl. Many times young men teas her positively calling her girl, and she likes it!
Many of her ‘girlfriends’ tell her that she shouldn’t wear that color or model because she’s too old. (She wears ‘normal’ clothes, she just likes colors, in my opinion she has very good taste.)

So, when we girls are getting old, we are never women, just girls (inside, privately) and when we’re old enough we start telling each other’s what is suitable to wear or how to behave etc.

What do you think? Is it like that?
Do you know old women who are attacking others, telling what is ok what is not ‘in your age”

yesterday’s image, RAISINS! eilinen kuva, RUSINOITA!

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  1. BG; sorry but I couldn’t stand if my mother would dress like a young girl, I mean YOUNG girl…‘caramel girl’ – it’s only magic of tools… 🙂Nicole; you would like my mom! I’m sure about that. And she would like you!mytho; I think it’s quite normal, generation gap. It’s easier to get on with a person who is not that close. I know several people whose grandmother/father is/was closer than a parent.It’s different kind of bond…more flexible…as a parent you ‘teach/guide etc.’ your children what ever their age…generally talking…

  2. Very sweet about your mom! My mom used to play like she was the Matriarch in the family…always giving advice and offering opinions…most of the grand children ignored her judgments…if she had just sat quietly more often and simply observed, they probably would have come to her to ask more about things. My own grandmother was this wise and silent type , and we all went to her often…we nick-named her “Other-mom”. Other-mom was someone we could talk to without fear of rejection.

  3. once again, I think you wear what you want…we are a free society.on another note..raisins?!! how the heck did you gt the picture to look like chocolate/caramel girl?hahaha, just joking my friend!BG


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