"laundryboy" and a Finnish lesson… pyykkipoika ja suomea ulkomaalaisille + avuntarve: miten selität englanniksi kuinka PYYKKIPOIKA lausutaan? auta!

Ballerina Girl said…
the first is a clothes pin right? the second??knowing you it is probably something like a grape…or maybe a piece of fabric?

Yes! Pin for clothes, clothes peg, clothespin
Fabric – it’s a small carpet!

mythopolis said…
I think clothespin, too…2nd one: blue eyes crying in the rain

Yes! clothespin! oh, Mytho that’s beautiful: blue eyes crying in the rain!

But not correct, sorry.

Hannele said…
Oletko mattosi kanssa leikkinyt.. Klädnypa.

Olenpa hyvinkin! Hienoa Hannele!

Yaelian said…
Ensimmäinen tietty puinen pyykkipoika;tuollaisia löytyy minultakin ,mutta tuo toinen…ei harmainta aavistustakaan.

Jep! pyykkipoika. Harmaata löytyi – pikkuisesta matosta!

Rita said…
A clothes pin – that’s easy, but the second object is not so easy… A reflection of… fabric? A garment? Olisiko heijastuneena jotain kangasta?

Yep, clothespin. Toinen. Kangasta kyllä mutta mikä olikaan esine? Pikkuinen matto!

NicoleB said…
The first one got Ided, the second one,…, a scale? 🙂

Nicole, you’re really funny! A scale – the best guess! 🙂

lisaschaos said…
Clothes pin and a coaster?

Yep and could be! We have a bigger carpet as a tablecloth.

Sirokko said…
Poika ja sen pyykki, vielä vedessä.

Ihanasti arvattu muttei ollut matto vedessä…ihan kuivana vaan…
Mutta kun sen noin sanot kyllä se näyttäisi vedessä olevan…

And now. Finnish lesson. A clothespin in Finnish

PYYKKIPOIKA. How do you say that? hm…
P is like in Pain
YY is long like…short is like ‘mYth’ but yy…

Hey, now I need H E L P!
Rita or somebody – how to explain
how ‘pyykkipoika’ is pronounced?
PYYK-KI-POI-KA. Anybody?

PYYKKI = laundry, wash
POIKA= a boy
‘laundry boy’, oh, how funny is that!?

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  1. NICOLE; me neither! Specially if I try to explain things in my poor English…argh!MYTHO; i’m sorry but this is not a right place to ask that sort of questions…and I don’t even know what you’re talking about…hm..

  2. okay guys…this is my problem…i get these great ideas – a Finnish lesson! And my own grammar is bad, i can’t teach anybody…okay a little bitI WRITE A NEW POST ABOUT BEAUTIFUL FINNISH LANGUAGE…coming today…soon!

  3. Wow! So you’re in Egypt. Interesting video from the two hotels you stayed at when you had first arrived.I love to see how words are translated into another language too!Thanks for coming by my blog:)

  4. Are there long vowels and short vowels in Finnish?For instance, in English, “to bathe in the bay” the letter “a” is a long vowel…and “to laugh in the bath”, “a” is a short vowel….

  5. ok..let me use my knowledge of language and see if this is right?!P=painyy= like the i sound in pie?kki- like key?poi-rhymes with koi?ka-just like it sounds? short a at the end like in at?just trying! have a great weekend!BG

  6. Pyykkipojan ääntäminen – Riippuu siitä minkäkieliselle lähdet sitä opettamaan. Y-äänne löytyy mm. ranskasta ja saksasta mutta ei italiasta eikä englannista.ÜberLe menu


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