i got a nice surprise from a blogger friend!

look what Mythopolis did, isn’t this great!? 
I just added the frame and his name…
bloggaajakaveri otti kännykkäkameralla kuvan yhdestä 
Seurasaari detail kuvasta ja siitä tuli hieno, eikö?

He wrote to me: “this is a color distorted version of one of your detail photos…I shot it off the monitor while on your site …by phone cam.  :  ) “
Thanks Mytho!!! 🙂 I like this a lot!!!


0 thoughts on “i got a nice surprise from a blogger friend!”

  1. MYTHO; and I’m a big fan of you! 🙂

    SCRIBER; happy Tuesday! 🙂

    NICOLE; yes, we’re adults but we know how to play like children! 🙂

    YAELIAN; 🙂

    BG; Mytho is a unique human being!
    C food – I’ve had the best Beijing duck in Beijing! 🙂

    SIROKKO; ja hauskuus on kivaa..ja yllatykset!siis mukavat yllatykset!! 🙂

    HANNE; Mytho on monen lajin taiteellinen tekija…veistaa puusta poytia aina hauskoihin valokuvamanipulaatiohion aivan omalla tekniikallaan jne. 🙂

  2. he does some great work, doesn’t he?
    and your post on my blog…so true…GOOD Chinese food is only found in China…
    but right now, I’ll even take the knock off, hahaha!



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