UPDATE 16.1.2010 blogging and meme etiquette…how I learned 'not to do' – by mistake(s)!

Couple of weeks ago I did a mistake (again, yes I make lots of mistakes!).
I posted a comment with a link (not my own) to one blogger. Silence. After couple of days I realized what happened. The blogger didn’t like the idea me promoting outsider on her blog.
On the other hand a blogger can always reject comments she/he doesn’t like.
It’s important that you have an email address available in your profile or blog. That way you can be contaced. Or if you’re linking or using other blogger’s material on your own blog you need an email address. Be interactive. 
If you link a blogger – tell her/him! 
Today I explored internet and I found Melanie’s bloggingbasics101 blog 
This is the permalink to the page where I copied part of her posting. Yes, I told her!
Melanie writes:
“Don’t sell yourself in comments. 

Bloggers have differing opinions about whether it’s OK to link to your own blog in the comments at another blog. Some think it’s a bit like poaching traffic or promoting yourself in an inappropriate place (after all, this is someone’s personal blog space). Others think it’s OK to leave a permalink if you’ve written something extremely relevant. 
Just linking to yourself for the sake of having your link out there is a definite no-no. Most platforms ask you to enter your name, e-mail, and URL before you leave a comment and then, when your comment is posted, readers can click on your name and be taken to your blog. Putting your URL in the comment itself is redundant.
Use permalinks whenever you can. A permalink is the link to an individual blog post. These are important because if you ever need to link to an exact blog entry, you use the permalink as your link. It’s poor blog etiquette not to use the permalink.”

UPDATE 16.1.2010
Today, only couple of months later 

I think it’s a good idea to put your URL 
in the comment IN BLOGGER BLOGS 

Because Blogger doesn’t have the same possibility as Word Press – comment luv – where you’re latest post comes automatically as a tail when you comment. 
It’s EASY and QUICK just to click that link and you’re instantly reading the post you wanted.

I visit hundreds of blogs weekly. I’m fed up ending to the profile page 
— > looking for the specific posting. 
It takes too much time and energy especially 
if a blogger has several blogs.

BLOGGER Blogspot.com!!! PLEASE modernize your options to the same level as WP or soon you’ll lose more and more bloggers to WP (a lot of bloggers has moved to WP lately and I do understand why… Me? Not yet…) 

but DO NOT promote your business blog by URL – that’s a no-no!
Here’s a ‘how-to’ example of my entry to

1. my blog address

2. I POST my entry on my blog

3.  this is how my post’s PERMALINK looks

4. now we’re on Hey Harriet’s Mr. Linky’s page

 5. I add my SCREEN NAME NOT blog’s name!!! 
and the permalinkNOT my blog’s address.

6. I start visiting other blogger’s blogs by clicking links on Mister Linky’s page.
NOT from my own blog’s comments!

7. Here I am, straight from Mr. Linky’s page reading the correct posting on
Sweet Repose’s blog! 

Melanie writes:
“If you don’t use the permalink, you’ll just be linking to your main blog page. The problem with that is that, as you post new blog entries, the newest entry appears at the top of your main blog page and the other entries are pushed down on the page. The entry your readers are looking for may be down at the bottom of the page or already in the archives; your reader has no idea where to find the entry! If they click over to your site expecting to see a specific post related to a carnival and they see a different post, they may not take the time to find the “real” post they’re looking for.

Sometimes I forget to change my permalink when commenting ‘out there’. But I’ll try to get better! I promise!

Have you made mistakes?
Do you have an email address on your blog’s home page or in your profile?

ps. here’s the permalink to Melanie’s blog if you just started blogging…

Ymmärtääkö kaikki mistä tässä on kysymys vai pitäisikö postata suomenkielinen versio?

15 thoughts on “UPDATE 16.1.2010 blogging and meme etiquette…how I learned 'not to do' – by mistake(s)!”

  1. Great post, very informative. Agree with you that Blogger needs to updgrade and it’s comment posting page is one area. I’m run multiple blogs and if the comments page doesn’t allow for a permalink (not all of them do!?!?!), then I add it to the comment page…. I’ve had people visit and end up not going to the right blog/ post otherwise.

    And yes like you, I get very frustrated ending up at a profile page with reams of data and not knowing which blog I am meant to visit, so more often than not, abandon efforts, which means no visit/ comment for someone who has visited me. If you read my comment page I ask people to leave details of the Blog (blog name is good) or blogpost for exactly that reason.
    Have a great Day
    Gena @ Thinking Aloud

    we people are different. Some of us are over sensitive and some couldn’t care less.
    That’s why it’s a must to have an email IF you want to contact the blogger.

    by now you know… 🙂

  3. So I read this with interest but am not 100% sure I understand. Are we talking about this for a blog Carnival, or a meme? I still have a lot to learn about blogging and linking. What I really want to learn is how to link with others to share our audience, not necessarily through a meme or a carnival. Any tips?

  4. I can’t believe people would take something like that personally. To me that’s tacky and childish. But i’m weird like that.

    Is it possible it was just taking the blogger a couple of days to back comment?

    ooh you don’t know how sensitive some bloggers are…
    Mostly those who write diary type of blog are…problematic. They write public but are not ready to take opposite or differtent opinions etc.
    Why don’t they write a private blog? Or maybe they are looking for people with a similar situation, they can comfort/heal each others…
    Sometimes it’s not clear what and why the blogger is blogging – for him/herself or for the audience.
    Most of the bloggers want and miss interaction that’s for sure.
    And too many just sit and wait readers to come in…

    this morning I had to scroll one blog quite a bit before I found the right posting.
    Permalink rocks! 🙂

    I’ve done that sometimes and noticed how a blogger has got new readers! That’s great!

    (kavin jo. Kiitos!) 🙂

    palaan tahan. Katsotaan miten aika riittaa…

    samoin. Olen ollut yhteydessa bloggaajiin spostitse ympari maailman!
    Varsinkin kun haluan kysya lupaa viitata johonkin kirjoitukseen, on hyva kun saa yhteyden muutenkin kuin jattamalla julkisen kommentin.
    Eraalle bloggaajalle olisin jattanyt viestin tarkeasta asiasta muttei ollut spostiosoitetta ja asia ei sopinut julkisesti kirjoitettavaksi.
    Mitas siina teet. Jatat sanomatta. Olet hiljaa.
    Sekin on tapa viestittaa. Olen huomannut.

    Blogging is great way to meet new people, new worlds…
    Thanks for you comment!

    write a murder! 🙂 You know how to write them!


  6. Interesting, but I don’t think about these kinds of things too much. I get up early, try to write a story, and let it go at that. It’s just my own pleasure. If I get comments, it is delightful. If not, it can’t be helped. I sip coffee and think, should I write a murder, or something mushy? If I wasn’t hooked up with the net, I would do the same thing, I like to write and imagine. If someone out there finds it of interest, it is icing on the cake.

  7. I agree, sometimes I go to certain blogs posted and have to search for the shadow shot, then some are multiples for several memes, that can be a pain too…but I manage and take my time.

    I too have my email listed, because many want to send personal messages through the email rather than the comments. Have met many new friends doing this lil’ meme.

    I’d like to think that any I link to are my true friends and would be pleased rather than PO’d.

    Good post, thanks!


  8. Saattaahan sitä unohtaa, yleensä kyllä käytän permalinkkiä jos viittaan johonkin tiettyyn postaukseen esim. Mr. Linkyn välityksellä.
    Sähköpostiosoite löytyy blogista ja on sille ollut käyttöäkin. Pelkästään positiivista toistaiseksi.

  9. (Käypä blogissani katsomassa egyptiläistä ystävääni Rizkiä. Annoin hänelle sinun blogisi osoitteen ja sanoin että täältä voi löytyä kuvia hänen synnyinkaupungistaan Cairosta.)

  10. I don’t remember making mistakes,but could be that I too have made some,don’t know.I guess most bloggers are actually pleased if someone links to their blog in a positive way. Yes, I have an email address in my blog, I think it is important to have it there in case someone wants to say something outside of the blog.

  11. This is great! Very informative and helpful! And I agree about the permalink being the much better option to add to Mr Linky if bloggers update to their blogs multiple times a day. What people don’t realise is that sometimes meme participants may check back a day or two later to click on the links in Mr Linky and if players have left their standard blog address and have updated it many times since leaving the link…well, that can be a LOT of scrolling! Thanks so much for taking the time to write this, and for posting those pics to illustrate how it all works! A really nice job! I love that you used the SSS meme as your example 😀


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