EDITED version of your WOrds & my IMAges = WO*IMA meme #43

your WOrds about this image #43:

Yes I do, and also the little girl who could not keep her butt down in the shoolbench.
One or two of her teachers get “pimpels” from her behaving 🙂
I really dont miss those years!!!
101 ways to taunt an amnesiac.
Mostly, I remember the girls.
I don’t want to remember!
I am with Susu on that one….*shudder*
Not an experience I want to have again. Lots of mean girls and crazy boys! Although I do remember climbing a wall at the school to look at a cute guy. Sigh.
Thank you all!
WO*IMA again on Saturday!
ps. please visit here: 
Galleria Selätys was opened in November 2009. 
Lepis invited co-bloggers to join into a project called How to Survive November
 In the project, bloggers were to choose a photo of their own, which then was to circle through all the other bloggers who participated the project, each putting one’s own touch to the photo. 
Thus the original photos were manipulated by many bloggers.

The results of this interactive project are now to be seen at Galleria Selätys.

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    hahah, true! But we’ve learned something – we know how to blogg! LOL!

    uhmps, thanks but I don’t photoshop and I’m quite busy right now…
    By the way: is it easier with more participants
    I mean when you organize who’s doing what…


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