what am I blogging about? who is my audience? autch! I don't know but let's help Jay Baer!

You remember I posted about sharing? I’m sorry but I have to tell you what has happened after that.
I found myself on Jason Baer’s blog yesterday. After that I’ve been a very busy woman! 
Jason asked on his article few questions and now I’m even more confused!

Who is the audience for your blog? I don’t know! Help me! Mamma mia!
I started as an expat (about my life in Egypt but I stay mainly at home, how interesting is that?) 
Now my interest is more ‘out there’. My life is very boring. Nothing happens in our house. I get the ideas and inspirations ‘out there’. Like reading Jay’s blog! 🙂
What is your blog about? I don’t know. (This is getting really serious! heeelp!)
I’m not a ‘I have only one interest‘ woman! I like photography, music, learn new things and have fun! I know I need more from my blogging but I don’t know yet how and what. I don’t have the skills like Jay but I can learn, can I? 
What similar blogs exist? I don’t know. eeeek! No more difficult questions!
Sometimes I think I’m the only one who has a problem who my audience is or what I blog about. I spend much more time ‘out there’ reading and commenting other blogs than on my own blog. No. Haven’t seen similar blog as mine. eeeek! I need…a new life!? 
I’ve been digging. Yes, here digg.com. Day by day I realize all the great possibilities ‘out there’ – in social media.

I don’t have hours enough to explore and learn all the great tips and twists in one day! 

Do you know who your audience is? 
What is your blog about?

And now my friends. Let’s help Jay! Go to flickr and tell which image is the best! I left my comment already!

0 thoughts on “what am I blogging about? who is my audience? autch! I don't know but let's help Jay Baer!”

    ‘Sometimes some things are more and don’t fir it only one drawer.’
    I agree. Today, Friday, I’m not that ‘lost’ as on Wednesday. But it’s good to stop every now and then and think about these topics…keeps us awake!
    Have a great Friday! 🙂

  2. You still can do that.
    I do it too.
    But why stressing things by having to give them a name or place them in a certain drawer?
    Sometimes some things are more and don’t fir it only one drawer.

  3. MYTHO
    I guess most of the bloggers get more readers than comments.
    Sometimes it’s frustrating if nobody’s interested to leave a comment. Specially if the posting is meant to be commented. For example you want to know what other people think or have they had similar experience etc.
    But it’s also great to get a comment like ‘Have a great day!’. What do you think? Is it important that people leave you a comment based on the story that day? is ‘hi!’ comment better than silence?

    Thanks for your words…sometimes I feel totally lost, where to focus, what’s the point of the whole blogging…and then I’m powered again. New energy. New idea. And hooked. Blogging is great! 🙂

    me – that’s it! I’m not that interesting person BUT
    if you mean via me, like my trip to place xxxx and I tell about it,
    I find an interesting blog and I write about that,
    then it’s me, via me.
    Me, me, me blog would be a personal diary. And for that I don’t have a need.

    ooooh, Nicole…you make it sound so…simple! For me it’s not. I want to see more, widen my little world. I want to learn more, get to know unknown…
    oh well. Maybe this is just a November moment. We’ll see.

    I’m not totally clueless but maybe thinking too much about what, where and how.
    One thing is for sure. We can’t please everybody.

  4. I am with Scriber regarding the question about your blog.
    And honestly, who cares?
    We are happy the way we are, the way people find our blogs,leave a little trace and we can go explore their world,no?

  5. As long as your blog continues to be about you and the things that interest you then that’s all that matters. Technically i guess mine is an expat blog. But lately it has been a travel blog. And sometimes it’s a “Typ0 complaining or commenting on nothing important” blog.

    Blog in a way that makes you happy. That’s all there is to it. 🙂

  6. I think your blog is about YOU. Things that you like, think about, dislike, fun stuff etc. I’ve run into the same issues since my blog is really very random and about nothing. Just keep writing and doing whatever you enjoy. 🙂

  7. Well in 2 years my blogs have changed. I started mostly featuring Youtube videos on music, arts, and dance. Then more and more, I started writing short fictions. I sometimes post my own art projects. I think next for me is to try to make some short interesting videos. I do not have a wide audience, and don’t spend a whole lot of time trying to build one. I get more hits than I get comments, and I don’t track who the non-commenters were, or what part of the world.


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