FREE! home, education, meals, transportation+monthly stipend!

Sounds too good to be true? It IS true! 
Free home, free healthcare for the family…FREE education, free meals, free transportation…
+ you get 367 euros per adult + 8 euros per day if you attend the language course…

Oh, where’s this paradise? IN F I N L A N D!

no more hanging out at bars…
why don’t you study Egyptology, Arabic or Islamic Studies in Finland!
Here it’s printed – FREE!
oooh, that’s new – when I was at school we had a lot to do outside school!
Finns – is this true – 
no more homework???
FREE – home, health care, education…
Finland is trying!
The article is online here > Egypt Today

I’d love to hear your interpretation of this article, 
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Would you like to move to Finland? Why?

0 thoughts on “FREE! home, education, meals, transportation+monthly stipend!”

  1. WOW,
    thank you ELEGIA!
    You nailed it.

    Thank you ARJAANNELI, JOHKI and ELEGIA for your support.

    Finland is beautiful.
    It has it’s + and – like every country.
    At the moment there’s a problem which is very difficult to solve.
    Asylum seekers are trying to get in to Finland because other countries in EU are tightening their policies. At the moment Finland pays more benefits (cash) than other EU countries > there’s a queue of people trying to get in…
    It’s a mess.
    Now politicians are arguing/trying to polish their reputation…

    But you know how it is…same crap everewhere…

  2. “Aside from blonde, Barbie-like women, freezing cold weather and Nokia mobile phones, there is little the general public associates with Finland…”

    This blond and Barbie-like thing is rubbish. There are very much brown- and dark-haired people in Finland. So forget the barbies – It’s only a stereotype.

    “In addition, they get a monthly stipend of 367 per adult to cover expenses until they start earning their own living. The government is able to pay for these services due to a progressive tax rate that can exceed fifty percent of a person’s income”

    Well, that is NOT a stipend: it must be some sort of social payment. And as the article says: It’s not free, it’s paid in taxes.
    So that means, if you come in Finland just hanging around there, you will live by using Finnish people salary for returning nothing back. I think any country doesn’t need free passengers who don’t pay taxes.

    Refugees are the different, cause they may not have a choice, but those who are just running for a FREE money – I would sent back, sorry.

    And it’s not always easy to get what “belongs” to you. The money doesn’t just fly to your account, you have to reclaim them. And you still may not have them. Every case is unique and it’s not certain you get any money.

  3. ArjaAnneli, I gave her (the writer) some feedback and she told me she didn’t make anything up (of course, if she’s a good journalist) but everything was told to her by Finnish authorities. So it must be that some official in Finland has mentioned “our free education”. However, she also poins out that Finnish taxes WAS mentioned in the article.

    That indeed was very strange that this Finnish Muslim convert had to rely on Islam in order to keep out of bars or finding friends who did not like hanging out in bars. I didn’t understand it at all! I hope this was not her only reason for converting.

  4. There is no such thing like “free” meals or anything else free..
    Every month “taxman” take BIG part of my salary.
    In that way we got schools, healthcare,bublic transport ect…

    If somebody come here to language course, WHO is going to pay that 367+8€ ? Finnish peoples?
    I refuse to give a n y cent to that kind of action!
    It is more important to me, that I and my children get something back when I pay taxes!

    And that Marika Edom..
    It is really odd, that she got finnish friend´s that she meet only in bar´s? This is not “normal” in finnland.
    It is fine if she have more friend´s now when she converted muslim, but I think there is something wrong on this picture…

    I am very lucy that I have born in here, but this is not defenetly the only place in the world where I could live on.

  5. I will defenetly come back to comment this… this something(käsittämätöntä pas.aa), that I would not translate in english!
    I wonder who was the writer of this article?
    Now I must go to sleep…
    Hyv yötä!

  6. I love living in the states, but there are some things we just can’t seem to figure out, and it’s those same things that countries like Finland have worked out as mentioned in the article.
    I suspect I would like Finland, although it would take some time to adjust to the cycling of the sun there. It is difficult to teach an old dog new tricks!!!

  7. There are few places i wouldn’t move to or at least visit. But i’m weird like that. I love that countries like Finland provide so much for their citizens. It really puts the whole “oh no a 3 cent tax!” mentality in the States into perspective.


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