No free meals in Finland!

Yesterday’s posting was about free this and that in Finland.
Here’s what you said:
Cairo Typ0
“I love that countries like Finland provide so much for their citizens. It really puts the whole “oh no a 3 cent tax!” mentality in the States into perspective.”
“I love living in the states, but there are some things we just can’t seem to figure out, and it’s those same things that countries like Finland have worked out as mentioned in the article.”
“That is amazing! Is that for real?”

and then the only brave Finnish who said it, Arjaanneli

‘There is no such thing like “free” meals or 
anything else free’
What she means by that is,
we pay high taxes in Finland. From those taxes healthcare, schooling etc. is paid. 
So. No free nothing. Zero. Nada.
And if somebody gets something ‘free’, other people are paying his/her costs in their monthly taxation! 

I checked the VERO.FI  (in English) > calculator (in English)

Here’s what I got. Remember. These figures are SIMPLE and ROUGH but you get an idea of Finland’s taxation.
An example.
A single person who belongs to population register, lives in Helsinki.
monthly salary  1.000 e = 1.494 $      
in one year, 2009: 12.000 e = 17.940 $
tax per month 73 e = 109 $
Net income per month 927 e = 1.385 $
monthly salary  3.000e = 4.485 $  (average is 2.880 e/4.304 $)
in one year, 2009: 36.000 e = 53.814 $
tax per month 672 e = 1.004 $
Net income per month 2.315 e = 3.460 $
monthly salary  5.000 e = 7.470 $      
in one year, 2009: 60.000 e = 89.640 $
tax per month 1.508 e = 2.253 $
Net income per month 3.500 e = 5.231 $

From that net income money you have to pay living, food, car, gasoline, transportation, electricity, water, clothes (4 seasons in Finland), holidays, mobile, internet etc.

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  1. SONIA
    Your system is really complicated.
    I guess your taxes are spent on military.
    You as a citizen have to pay high price for your policy.
    My son studied in England so I do know how much is much when you have to pay for it!
    Thanks for commenting! See you! 🙂

    yep. Why the hell that kind of rubbish is talked/printed! argh! Misleading crap!

    ‘a lot’ – pls read my comment in yesterday’s posting…
    Jordan. Thanks… 🙂

    and you get this and that compensation at end of the year but this was only a SIMPLE and ROUGH idea…

    wars. waste of energy,
    waste of people
    it’s humans who are fighting and designing more powerful and intelligent weapons – just to kill each others or to destroy this planet.
    stupid. sad. but true. it’s all about fear…

    I agree with you.
    I wish the politicians would stop talking bullshit and only trying to get more power.
    Those who have the power make the rules.

  2. It would be quite stupid pay as high taxes if you get nothing return.

    I am really happy that education and healthcare is so valued in Finland, that some of our tax money is directed to fund them.

    I’d rather pay for them than finance some war things. Wars are so vain. I think no one should finance them.

    This is all about value issue and in that case I really respect Finland.

  3. I understand about the heavy taxation. But, here in the states now we have a combination of a money draining on-going war, recession and high unemployment, the crumbling of healthcare, and college educations that are not affordable for many. I love my country, but we are in some deep doo doo these days!!!

  4. And don’t forget that taxes are not the only payments reduced from your salary. TyEL-payment for workers under 53 yrs is 4,3% and over 53 yrs 5,4%. Then there’s also “työttömyysvakuutusmaksu” but ok, it’s only 0,2%.

  5. I’ve heard a great comment that in the U.S. people don’t call their healthcare costs and University costs for kids, taxes. If they did, U.S. taxes would be much higher than in other countries. I know because of what we spend on two kids in U.S. colleges. You see, if we got more for our taxes, it wouldn’t be so bad, but we don’t see any benefits from them. No pension, unless you have a government job.

  6. Sure taxes are high but you get a lot for that money.

    Re your question about Jordan. We found the flight on Egypt Air rather cheap. You have to shop around for hotels – ours included breakfast and was a pretty cool deal. The prob is once you get there everything is really pricey. The Euro and the JD are about the same i think. So it cheaper than Spain? I don’t know – but we had a similar choice and went to Petra. 🙂


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