EDITED version of your WOrds & my IMAges = WO*IMA, #45

your WOrds about this IMAge #45:
Yaelian  / appelsiinipuun alla
But tomatoes don’t grow in a date palm!
Red is the colour of love and Christmas is a time of love.
“Once upon a time there was very lonely palm tree. 
One day the little tomato scrolled near the palm. 
-Oh, you are so sweet, said palm tree. 
-Will you marry me! 
(Palm was very shy, and it blushed!) 
Little tomato think that she has never seen anything so handsome and SO RED, and say: 
– Oh, yes I will! Then they lived happily ever after!…and get many little tomatoes! -The End-
I want to sail somewhere warm, 
see a palm so tall, 
eat tomatoes on the sand in a far, 
far away land.
Tuula / Tuulan turinat
Tomatoes are fruits of the sun! 
chrome3d / Cloudbusting
Love is all you need….oh, 
and some food and sun would be nice too.
Kala / A matter of how you see it
You know the drill: you say tomato, I say …..
mythopolis / Life’s Bone
She wasn’t just a hot tomato, 
she was a whole handful of hot tomatoes, 
waiting and longing to be consumed!
Scriber / Scriber’s Web
The tomato gang rebelled, 
jumped on the magic leaf and flew away to a Mexican Beach. 
There they opened up a cantina and lived happily ever after.
Sonia / GutsyWriter
Life has one common bond: LOVE. 
Nature creates new life through sunshine, 
and thrives giving birth. 
The process of life continues through red hot love.
Thank you! 
Soon I’ll need mr linky’s help…hm…that would be great! 🙂
WO*IMA again on Saturday! Have a great week!



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