what the…what is SITStahood? I know!

For some time now I’ve been doing some research on a community that has many, and I mean thousands, of bloggers.
Because I have made the decision to write in English instead of both in English and Finnish as English is more commonly used by bloggers worldwide and I would like to expand my network.

I want to visit different blogs and communities so I can learn new things and develop my social networking skills (and improve my English!).

Last Saturday, CairoTyp0 wrote about SITS girls.
“The SITS girls are a great way to start meeting new bloggers. Whether you visit the spotlighted blogger of the day, or are simply sharing the comment love with another SITSa, this site never lets its readers down. I cannot tell you how many awesome blogs I have found through SITS. Even better, a lot of people have also discovered me thanks to SITS. All it takes is a couple minutes and a comment.”

I became very interested in what this SITS girls was as I’m a curious person, like some of you may have noticed by now 🙂
I have visited the website many times, exploring some of the blogs on there, and leaving comments on a few blogs. After having looked through the site for some time, I finally think I understand how the community works.
‘The Secret to Success is Support’ That’s it – support and to be interactive! 
That’s what this website is about as is blogging in general.

So now I sit here and wait for lots of comments!!!

No, of course not! 🙂

I will continue exploring the blogs in the community and leave comments when I see something interesting, controversial or just plain crazy. Just like I hope other people do when they visit my blog.
Blogging is about an interactive relationship between the blogger and the reader.
Sure, there are days when a blog entry does not produce any interest or feedback. But then there are the days that a blogger lives for, when many people visit the blog and leave lots of comments.

“You can’t please everybody. 
If you feel lonely, left alone, move on. Don’t wait. 
Act now!”

 * * *

Do you want to see something AMAZING?
A young, talented star has born! Stickup Artist!

0 thoughts on “what the…what is SITStahood? I know!”

    Great! I’m sure you like the pictures!

    LOL! so happy we finally got the connection! Brushing up my English – for sure!
    I’ll be back…don’t worry! 🙂

    I have to visit your blog again because I didn’t quite get it what you’ve been doing lately…so,
    see you soon! 🙂

    great, now you know where to go! 🙂

    I agree. 100%.
    That’s how social media works. Sharing!
    See you soon! 🙂

  2. I consider blogging to be a part of the creative process. And occasional comments/support from fellow bloggers is crucial. The point of blogging is to share ideas, opinions,photography,poetry etc.

  3. Hi there –

    Don’t ya just love SITS!

    Keep spreading the love and brushing up on your English! Have a great weekend.

    Oh, and in case you didn’t notice, I am stopping by from SITS!!!!



  4. ALEX
    Thanks for your visit! I’m going to be very busy visiting a zillion new blogs! FUN! 🙂

    Yes, yes, yes! 🙂

    you’re welcome. I do it because I really like your pics.
    They are so beautiful!
    See you soon again!

    meinasitko oikein pelastya?! No hyva kun uskaltauduit – kukaan ei purrut! 🙂
    Mukavaa torstaita!

    I’m a big fan of Stickup Artist! 🙂

    About commenting. I say this in Finnish.
    “Kaikki” tietavat, etta olen suomalainen, puhun ja kirjoitan suomea.
    Eli ei se, etta yritan laajentaa verkostoani tarkoita ettenko vastaanottaisi kommentteja suomeksi! Painvastoin! Olen ollut hiukan ihmeissani kun mina olen aktiivisesti kommentoinut suomalaisten blogeissa mutten saa vastakaikua. Ei yksipuolinen vuorovaikutus ole pitkan paalle kovin hedelmallista.

    Olen ollut todella iloinen kun SusuPetal ja Lepis kannustivat minua marraskuun projektini ajan tuolla valokuvablogissa. Se tuntui sieluun asti tosi hyvalta!!!

    Olen myos kasvokkain ihminen joka luovuttaa jos yhteys ei toimi molemmin puolin.
    (Eri asia on tietysti ajoittaiset elamantilanteet jolloin yhteydenpito on harvempaa.)

    Arjaaaaaaa – arvostan sinua suuresti. Olet rohkea ja luova. Et valita miten kielioppi vaantyy tai onko kaikki sanat vimpan paalle oikein kirjoitettuja – ei olekaan valia! Tarkeinta on yhteys ihmisten valilla!
    Jos kaikki ihmiset maailmassa vaikenisi kuten suomalaiset kaikilla kielilla (yleistaen!), niin eihan mistaan tulisi yhtaan mitaan!
    Moni ulkomailla asuva suomalainen pitaa blogiaan suomenkielisena ja suomenkielisten kanssa koska haluavat pitaa suomen kielen ylla. Se on ihan hieno asia!

    Sanon viela kerran:
    TANNE SAA KOMMENTOIDA SUOMEKSI JA MINA VASTAAN SUOMEKSI! Ei tama nyt niin hirvean vakavaa pida olla, etta mykaksi mennaan, vai? 🙂

    You’re right! Learn, smile, get information, look beautiful photographs…
    I have the same problem – don’t remember! That’s why photographing is great – I can see the dates when pics were shot! And I remember! 🙂

  6. Yes it sure is nice when you get positive feedback to something you wrote and sometimes the comments make you really smile. You can learn a lot by reading other blogs,whether it is about food, culture ,different countries etc. I see my blog too as a way to remember what I did on a given day, although it is not a diary type of a blog.

  7. Here it comes:
    The comment I mean.
    I visit Stickup Artist´s blog, and you were right!
    Really beautifull pictures!!!

    Is it still possible to leave comment in finnish, or only in english?
    Sometimes I just dont know how to say my thought´s in english… well sometimes it would be better to I keep my “mouth shut”, but thats an other thing….


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