the mystery is solved! plus sharks: Australia, Sydney, Bondi beach…

Yesterday’s image question was fun but was it too difficult?!
Some of the answers were really funny and cute:

Mythopolis: “…a dump truck full of rocks being driven by Cindy Crawford, to an undisclosed location.”
SusuPetal who’s one of her kind playing with words: 
“Oil? Without Cindy Crawford :)”
Mythopolis had to continue:  
“Ummmm, it’s either a glass eyeball being rolled in by the surf, or it is Cindy Crawford in oil!!!”
“it looks like a wave to me…” Doesn’t it! It’s a wave! A wave of a pen or a pen wave! 🙂
Arjaanneli, (she’s a really funny lady, she likes to play with English like she does with Finnish): 
knit stick” – I guess she meant knitting needle! 🙂
Tuula thought it was  
a handle/server or something like that?!…
+ Fruitful Vine2, Melissa B., Quasi Serendipita, Nicolenext time > better luck! 🙂

Yaelian, Johanna and Daria – a pen it was! 
Well done! Clap, clap, clap!
Are you still sleepy? Do you hate SHARKS?
If you answered yes, do NOT watch this AMAZING clip!
But if you do, remember I warned you!
Here we go: AUSTRALIA > Sydney > Bondi beach… 
Note! speakers/sound on!

Did you watch it? How was it? If not, why not?

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