EDITED version: your WOrds & my IMAges = WO*IMA, #47

your WOrds about this IMAge #47:

It’s cold,
I’m old
and I live in Finland.
Here’s no sand.

Only snow,
so I had to grow
a green hat on my head.
Or should I have frozen to death instead?

It’s no thrill
being a strawberry here, still
survive through the winter I will.

strawberries and cream
what else do I need…

Strawberry fields forever!!

Hello, my name is Strawberry
I have wings!

Hi there! 

Strawberry and champagne, I wouldn’t mind… 
But if it comes as cheesecake, it’s perfect also… ;))

Strawberry and summer :)!

Turquoise Diaries
Yummy summer dreams….sunshine and love

Amber Page Writes
Sweet, juicy summer goodness, 

please don’t forget where I live!

I have never understood what is the point to eat strawberries and drink champagne before having s… nice evening?
I rather take rye bread with ham and glass of milk!
Well, if I want to be really “on fire”, then it is okay!
I get feaver from strawberries…

Ballerina Girl
“Mom, can I have strawberry juice?”

Thanks for auditioning, Strawberry. 

My name is Short Cake. And I think you have the part.

Scriber’s Web
Delicious is my middle name.
Wanna bite?

Thank you all!

WO*IMA again on Saturday!

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