Color Carnival #32: kumquats and kiwis


11 thoughts on “Color Carnival #32: kumquats and kiwis”

  1. This orange colour warms me, thanks. We usually buy exotic fruits on christmas, also last christmas, and kumquats have always been part of that delicious christmas basket. We eat them just like that, chrunch!
    I think the watermark in your pictures doesn’t really bother. It’s not too strong… I would have done the same if I was you.

  2. ooooh what a weekend!
    I didn’t realize that my link was not working until DIMPLE told me THIS morning (Monday 11.1.10).
    I wonder how many people actually use Mr. Linky to explore memes?
    I do.
    That’s the best way to find your way straight to the actual posting.

    If you jump from comment section you have to go first to the profile and from there to find right blog and from there right posting. Too complicated. And it takes far too much time!

    Do you use Mr Linky when visiting participants blogs?


    🙂 colours – I need them to breath! 🙂

    LA! Never been there. If I come would you be my guide? 🙂

    I got your point but I don’t want hassle again or right now anyway…If somebody wants my pictures without watermarks they can ASK!
    I’m more than happy to give!

    ai se on suomeksi kumkvatti…hauskaa! 🙂
    Mina en noita tuollaisenaan syo mutta niista saisi varmaan tosi hyvaa marmelaadia tai hilloa.
    Ja varmaan kakuissa, kekseissa jne. toimii hyvin kuin appelsiinin kuori…

    It’s so cold all over the globe…viiiiuh! That was Egyptian sunshine to warm you – did you get it? 🙂

    I do THANK YOU again!
    I didn’t know it didn’t work…

    Yes, New Mexico how cool!

    for me they are too…Just like eating an orange without the fruit pulp/flesh…
    But in cakes, buns etc. or marmelade could be tasty…

    Have a great week all of you!!!

  3. LUCY
    I guess you don’t know what happened?
    My picture was misused and from now on I’ll have those watermarks.
    I don’t like them neither because they spoils the pictures.
    Maybe I’ll make them more transparent…let’s see…

  4. Lovely shapes and heart-warming colours.

    I hope you don’t mind me saying though . . . I find the name written so prominently on the pictures spoils them for me. Would it be possible to make your mark just as clearly but more discreetly? When you make such lovely and interesting images, it’s a shame not to show them to their best advantage. Once again, I hope it’s alright (and helpful) to mention this.



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