EDITED version: your WOrds & my IMAges = WO*IMA #50

your WOrds about this IMAge #50:
 Help, my avocado has chanced colour!
If I’d have a brain, I’d like it to be the color of orange.
The slight dash of gloss on your luscious lips,
The slight burst of tangy citrus smell on your breath,
The full erotic onslaught of citrus taste in your kiss,
Can I have a bite of you, my love?
It is shaped rather like an egg 🙂
What? Is it Easter already?
Scriber’s Web
I offered her a juicy juicy fruit
but she mocked me
threw it at me and said
I’ve always preferred Strawberries.
Here I come,
I am the glowing seed of the sun.
I grow every day,
my warming ray will soon reach you,
your cold feet.
Shortly winter is gone,
and the finch will sing again.
RennyBA’s Terella
“Yellow Brick Road”
Ballerina Girl
Hi, let me introduce myself…
I am not an orange, though my color’s the same
I am not an avocado having a color crisis
I am a kumquat…
Want a bite?
Nature knows how to make the most perfect shapes.
Luonto osaa aina luoda kaikkein täydellisimmät muodot.
I’m in the spotlight again and
I remember to show my best side.
I wonder if I look okay because
I can’t tell by their faces.
Auditions are hell.
Phivos Nicolaides
Interesting IMAge i n s p i r e s!
* * *
Thank you all! WO*IMA again on Saturday!
ps. On Monday pictures from Giza pyramids…

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