SSS #87: morning coffee…

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  1. I shot this series outside. The reflections are from the balcony ceiling, blue sky and sun…
    I was surprised when I saw these pics in a bigger screen – those bubbles are like pearls!

    About my watermarks
    As I told you one of my pictures was stolen by an online news site.
    Since that I have and will add my watermark where ever I feel, sorry.

    If somebody wants my pictures to be downloaded or printed without my watermark – just ASK! Simple as that!
    You find my email address in my profile…


    It’s Arabica coffee, strong and good in the morning!

    >>Sara Chapman in Seattle, USA

    >>Sylvia K
    Thanks Sylvia, we had very nice weekend with my husband. Talked, had some wine, relaxed. Perfect!

    >>Richie’s 2ts Inspires
    I didn’t find your name on SSS Mr. Linky’s list…

    You’re right – strong and black! but little bit sugar… 🙂

    >>Greyscale Territory
    Maybe I should write to a Finnish coffee roastery

    I was looking for your name too from Mr. Linky’s list and found out it’s GEMMA not Greyscale Territory…
    How confusing.

    jaa jaa keittiolahikuvausta…muistan, jollain oli jotain hometta joskus…
    Jos joskus viela laitatte jonkun piirin pyorimaan samasta aiheesta ilmoittaudun mukaan! 🙂

    >>Sweet Repose
    Here you are madam!
    With sugar, milk or cream? 🙂
    Thanks for your beautiful words!

    >>Hey Harriet
    GOOOD! I have to make more coffee too!
    Strong and tasty!

    Light is the keyword. Not my talent – I was lucky.
    I’m a very courious person and I want test all kinds of funny things. Also in photography. 🙂 Every now and then I’m lucky!

    >>Gena @ Thinking Aloud
    Thanks Gena…How’s your thinking today? Aloud or what? 🙂

    Me too! but first finish this writing…to all of you who’ve left a comment here…

    >>Hot Fudge
    Hahah, I could dive with you! 1-2-3 go! oooooh this is f u n! 🙂

    >>B : )
    Thank you!
    Please, next time not this kind of messages with your comment or I’ll reject them:
    ‘Why don’t you come on over to my blog and visit a while’
    It’s fine to have your blog link but not text like that – that’s too much like marketing or selling, thank you!

    >>Crafty Green Poet
    I like abstracts – coffee too! 🙂

    But you can make the coffee and look at the bubbles! 🙂

    Unique endeed! I could never ever shoot exactly similar bubbles again!

    Hahaa, you know me! When I shoot I’m in my own world. Like a child who’s playing a game… 🙂
    I’m happy for you, good news, yes!

    Thank you! Bubble detailed! 🙂

    Thank you! Coffee pearl necklace is the theme of the day 🙂

    Hi there, nice to see you here too! 🙂 and thanks!

    Thanks! A morning without coffee is like……..what?

    Light makes miracles! 🙂

    >>[email protected]
    Hahaaa, great to see you in this meme…
    We know the rules of the memes don’t we?

    Ta da daa, you’re right – cheers! Play well!

    >>Stickup Artist
    Hm…can you feel the connection between you and me? I can!
    Have a goooooooooood day! 🙂



  2. Dang Girl, you’re macro photography knocks me out. What a wonderful thing in which to find inspiration. I’d have never thought of it. You teach us new ways to view, appreciate, and find beauty in the day to day world we occupy.

  3. Oh now I’m wide awake! I LOVE this coffee set and the gorgeous details of the bubbles. I have to go make one for myself now. Mine probably will not look as pretty as yours. Tasty all the same 🙂

  4. Very nice work. I like the leaf below a lot, too. Your watermark does protect your work BUT it makes it very hard to see and appreciate! Maybe you could post lower res or smaller photos so people wouldn’t be tempted to steal them, with less obstruction? Just a suggestion. Great shots.

  5. The strong tasting drink leave time to bubble as it cools down for our consumption. Interesting that the froth here leaves droplets of air ths took much like pearls. Thus we treasure our coffee (and it must be good and strong in Egypt). Nice subject!


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