sss #88: “rusty”

13 thoughts on “sss #88: “rusty””

  1. Hey everyone!
    Thanks for your comments!
    Have a great week ahead,
    take care!

    >>JLS Hall (Joysweb)
    Mineral! 🙂
    I’ll post more and I’ll reveal the object…

    Isn’t it crazy how rust can be interesting! 🙂

    Heippa! Hej!
    I guess I know what kind of bread you mean. Rust and bread – similar texture! 🙂
    Now I KNOW you’re Chie! 🙂

    >>Quasi Serendipita
    Rust can be beautiful!

    >>Sweet Repose
    hahaa, I know what you mean! I’ll post more of these plus reveal the object…

    Nobody couldn’t guess the object from this picture.
    Thanks for pep – I know what it means now! 🙂

    We all get rusty! But blogging might give us some oil to survive longer! 🙂

    Rust can be beautiful – when it’s not in our cars! 🙂

    >>Crafty Green Poet

    thank you so much…can’t wait to read your stories again…

    Are we both rusty of rust? 🙂

  2. I am unable to tell if it is a hulk of an old car returning to nature, or unique rocks on the shore. The color seems a natural rust, a pretty shade…

    A ‘pep’ band is one that sits in the stands and plays songs loudly to keep the crowd in the game. For our kids, they play at the men;’s and women’s basketball games (go HAWKS!!!!)

  3. Heippa,

    U captured my fab colours. In a way this looks like the bread I bought yesterday morning. It’s “dinkel fullkorn bröd”. Guess sounds yikes but it mums! §;-)

    Job well done as always.I know.

    Have a blissful Sunday and enjoy the best of it.

    I found the right one now, huh? TY


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