SSS #89: pyramids…

29 thoughts on “SSS #89: pyramids…”

  1. CHROM3D
    Olen huomannut kuinka valolla on ihmeellinen vaikutus koko valokuvaushommaan. Siksi se onkin haasteellista ja aina yhta yllatyksellista.

    you’re kind… 🙂

    You’re welcome…see you again…

  2. >>Sweet Repose
    Ancient is amazing as you know! 🙂

    Voin tulla viereesi ja lykata kaden suun eteen ettei sinne lenna karpanen! 🙂

    >>Golden West
    True! The stones on the right are loose. And they are huge!

    You’re right. It was nice and cool in that shade…

    thanks! the header is a branch of a palm tree reflection on the pool water…

    >>Sylvia K
    Come to Cairo and I take you to the pyramids! 🙂

    If we’re here let me know if you come! 🙂


    >>Rajesh said
    thanks! I like geometrical structures…

    Yep, oh you like the header too…hm…so many people like it – I wonder why?
    What makes it likeable?

    Excellent object! 🙂

    My first reply: thank you! 🙂

    That’s what the whole pyramids area is…

    >>Gallery Juana
    You’re now in Mexico, right? That is totally different from Japan, like a different world?! 🙂

    >>Christian Mommy Writer
    Thanks for you visit here!

    >>Quasi Serendipita
    I didn’t take very many pics with this big shadow… 🙂

    >>Hey Harriet/Tracy
    Let me know if you come!
    I was shooting in a park today – so my SSS visits are a bit late today…

    >>Carolyn Ford
    There’re lot of camels around the pyramids area…and donkeys…

    thanks my friend! It was hazy here too but warm! I was shooting in a park today…

    thanks for your visit!


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