UPDATED!!! what women want…how to punish a rapist?

December 2009 issue of the What women want magazine 

includes an article
‘If I were Queen of Egypt’ 
by Amany Eid   This chapter is about rape.
“As Queen of Egypt, it means I am female, so this means, I will not tolerate rape. So any rape incident that happens – the rapist, will get one of two choices, either he gets castrated or gets executed. This will make everyone think a million times before touching a girl without herconsent. If a man is caught harassing a girl sexually, he gets hid head shaved, whatever way female choses. For example, she could decide to shave the head completely with the word “idiot” on his head, or any label for that  matter.”

If you were a Queen or a King of your country 
what kind of punishment a rapist should get?

UPDATE 4.1.2010

TRANSLATED by google translator

51-year-old policeman raped TWICE a 16-year-old runaway girl in Helsinki, Finland.
In November 2006, began to deal with rape occurred only two years later, the police through the internet.
Police had met a girl in the street the morning. The girl said that she was runaway and free overnight.
The girl also said that his mobile phone was switched off and that her parents didn’t know where she was.
Constable said that he’s a police and showed his badge of office. That is why the girl had the courage to go his home.
The constable offered strong beer to underage girl. The girl passed out. The police raped her twice.
Immediately after the rape, the man took 17 photos of her, some of which were close-ups. Images he saved on his computer.
Web Police scorch Police rapist
In 2008, the girl contacted the Internet community in IRC-Gallery, through contact with the police in Helsinki online Marko Forss.
– I do not think that this action would have never discovered without Web Projects. Indicate the threshold of such an offense is high, Forss said.
The girl was approached Mr. Forss almost immediately after the Helsinki police, the police close the virtual group started in 2008. 
Three polices are acting on their own faces by young people face online forums such as IRC-Galleria, and now also on Facebook.
Eventually the girl in the Internet connection Mr. Forss, which held the girl’s report logical and credible. The girl had already told the same story to a friend and physician, and repeated the same pre-trial investigations and in court.
The accused changed his story. Photographs supported the prosecution.
The district court sentenced the police two years of conditional imprisonment for the rape.
The girl was ordered compensation of EUR 15000 psychological harm or mental suffering.
Constable convicted of dismissed last fall.
In Finnish
Keski-ikäinen konstaapeli houkutteli virkamerkillä asuntoonsa 16-vuotiaan karkuritytön Helsingissä ja raiskasi tämän harvinaisen röyhkeällä tavalla.
Marraskuussa 2006 tapahtunut raiskaus alkoi selvitä vasta kaksi vuotta myöhemmin nettipoliisin kautta. Tekijäksi osoittautui 51-vuotias poliisimies.
Uhri oli 16-vuotias kotoaan karannut tyttö, jonka konstaapeli houkutteli asuntoonsa poliisin virkamerkin avulla.
Helsingin järjestyspoliisissa työskennellyt 51-vuotias oli tavannut tytön aamuyöstä kadulla. Tyttö kertoi olevansa kark
umatkalla ja vailla yösijaa.
Tyttö sanoi myös, ettei hänen matkapuhelimensa ollut päällä ja etteivät hänen vanhempansa tienneet, missä hän oli.
Konstaapeli kertoi olevansa poliisi ja näytti virkamerkkiään. Siksi tyttö uskalsi lähteä miehen asunnolle.
Siellä konstaapeli tarjosi nelosolutta alaikäiselle tytölle. Tytön sammuttua mies yhtyi häneen kahdesti.
Heti raiskauksen jälkeen mies otti tytöstä kännykkäkameralla 17 kuvaa, joista osa oli lähikuvia. Kuvat hän tallensi tietokoneelleen.
Two years in prison and that’s it?
What do YOU think about that?

EDIT 12.2.2010

This picture tells more than thousand words…

here’s the original picture by SusuPetal 

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  1. I think that in addition to a prison term and counselling the application of whipping/caning/strapping would be a useful deterrent/punishment as it is in Singapore and several other nations where it is found to be effective. For the man who is not mentally ill and can control himself, this would provide him with a strong incentive to do so.

  2. In the United States, there was a family from Africa whose young daughter had been raped. The family abandoned her, saying she had been defiled, and ruined – she had brought shame on the family. She was a girl of eleven or twelve years, and there were two or three men who had raped her. I think it is very sad that a family would turn away from a daughter who has been violated and treat her as if this violence was something she brought upon herself. I say castrate the men who do this. They rape because it means power to them, they feel this gives them power over women.

    Yes, you nailed it! That’s it! argh!
    Very important, different angle to look at this dilemma.
    Those men in who have been raped should come out of the closet!!!

  4. 2 years! It’s just not right. I don’t have the answers, but I do know that the punishments being handed out right now do not match the severity of the crimes.

    Perhaps if rape was a crime that was perpetrated predominantly on men then the punishment would be more significant.

    I’m shocked about that news.

    A policeman got her drunk, she passed out, he raped her T W I C E, took photographs and saved them on his computer.
    And he got 2 yrs in prison!!!!!
    Is that right???
    He KNEW what he did!!!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I’m definitely with the other posters. Castration. Makes for damn sure it’ll never happen again. Although in instances of children I’d say death.

  7. I would want the victim to decide; after all she was the one who was raped. A punishment that I see fit, might not be the one she would choose.
    I would support her 100% no matter what she decided!
    Great post, very thought-provoking!

  8. This is a toughie….I am a therapist, but I truly believe that very few rapists and/or pedophiles can be rehabilitated. So I guess I would throw them in prison and keep them there. Your photography is amazing. Thanks for visiting my humble little blog.


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