EDITED version: your WOrds & my IMAges = WO*IMA, #54

your WOrds of this IMAge #54:

In the words Bob Dylan 
spoke to his band when he went electric…..
“Get F…ing Loud!”
Rock turns me on!
My guitarra usually gently weeps but this rocks!
Please, play with me….
Stroke me baby, and I will rock your world!
Like the strings of a guitar
My mind is strummed
Thoughts are like a freight car
Waiting to be succummed
By the melodies of my guitar
Just hear the clear sound
of the horns
slithering into your ears.
Leave your guitar
waiting on the stand.
Her time will be later.
Today it´s Funky Sunday :D.
In tune. Anticipating. 
Begging to be touched, heard, absorbed. 
Perspective. It’s all about perspective. 
Sometimes you can’t hear the music 
until you get your mind in the right place.

* * *
Thank you all! WO*IMA again on Saturday!

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