Looking at the Sky on Friday in Cairo, Egypt 12.2.10

Looking at the Sky on Friday in Cairo, Egypt


Pictures taken 31.1.2010 at 6:54 – 6:56 am in Cairo, Egypt

18 thoughts on “Looking at the Sky on Friday in Cairo, Egypt 12.2.10”

    I only edit frames plus brightness, sharpness etc. but I don’t manipulate my pics with Photoshop.
    My goal is to learn to shoot with settings that gives the soul to the pictures…

  2. >>January
    Thanks for your visit, have a nice weekend!

    >>Lucy Corrander
    LOL! you’re right!

    >>Stine in Ontario
    Thanks, have a nice weekend!

    >>Gena @ Thinking Aloud
    Thanks, have a gooood weekend!

    Thanks, you always find so many words to write…

    Winter time is the best to shoot sky pics here. In the summer the sky is clear and blue, normally no clouds at all…

    Thanks Arlene, see you next week…

    oh no, I’m not pro! But I do take a lot of pictures… 🙂

    It’s the certain time in the morning when you can see these different pieces of art.
    Later they’re all gone and the sky is clear…

    ‘Cotton balls’ you’re right…golden cottong balls… 🙂

    >>Tisha @ Looking @ The Sky on Friday
    Thanks Tisha, yes it’s a bird!
    Have a great week ahead!

    Thanks! Have a nice weekend!

    >>Patti said…
    A bird!
    There’re many crows around here…
    Have a nice weekend!

  3. I like all the different colors found in these dramatic clouds. Like Tisha I”m also wondering if that’s a bird..or a plane?

    Thanks for visiting my blog. 😉

  4. There is a texture above. In the clouds, I see white, gray and copper colors – we might think that the clouds in and of themselves look threatening. But in the entire sky, the clouds look small, the threat not there. But the beauty remains!


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