EDITED version: your WOrds & my IMAges = WO*IMA #55

your WOrds of this IMAge #55:
Wearing a tie is not really my thing.

Brrrr…It’s cold outside!

It is Valentine`s day and I thougt to surprice my wife 
with dinner in the Chinese restaurant. 
But has it happend something with my tie…???

Maybe if I wear this gigantic tie like a scarf no one will notice my nose job.

I’ve been waiting here for 3 hours for my date. 
Can I take off my tie yet?

Untie your tie you teddy bear!

Single, cuddly and experienced seeking single female 
to hibernate with. 
Bonus points if you know how to tie a tie 
and have no prejudices about missing noses. 

Not only am I missing a nose, 
but also both arms due to an auto accident. 
I’m suing that SOB who ran into my BMW, 
and just stepped out of the courtroom for a breather.

It’s cold in Cairo and all I get to cover up is a tie.  😉

Teddy, you have no mouth
So you have no words
I’ll speak some words for you:
Happy Valentine’s
And Happy New Year
Since you’re all tied up
I’ll kiss you!

The tie fashion changes…,
but this one is really too wide! 🙂

I’d love to be your Valentine but I’m all tied up!

Thank you all!
WO*IMA again on Saturday…
Have a great week!

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