what women want…I'm single and want to leave Egypt!

what women want…I’m single and want to leave Egypt!
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February 2010 issue of the What women want magazine 

includes an article 

There are many reasons why Egyptian women consider leaving Egypt:
– look for another job
– looking for better pay
– to escape society and its rules and restrictions
– to escape the pressures of society on women to get married
– adventure, to explore the world
The personal status of the women is usually either single or
divorced, as married women are
naturally tied to the fates of their husbands.

Popular destinations are:
Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, Canada, US and Australia.
Whether the woman is traveling  to the West or to the Gulf,
she breaks the chains handcuffing her by the society of Egypt.

The Gulf although have become more progressive than before,
and open to single women expatries living there,
still occasionally can be a little hars to a single Arab female expat
living there in comparison to a European female for example.

To conclude, the decision to leave Egypt or not, has to be thought carefully, after honestly sitting with oneself, and assessing one’s priorities.
What’s more important, my career or my social life?
Can I tolerate the constraining social rules of the Egyptian society for the sake of living near my family?
If I do travel, and decide to come back, will I be up to the consequences?
All these thought provoking questions have to be answered, before considering leaving Egypt.

* * *

Are you free to travel?

Are you free to study/work/live 
wherever you want?

What have learned by 
studying/working/living abroad?

Man – do you think that 
“A woman’s place is in the home”?

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