This is pure sh***** part 3.

Sorry if you’re new here and wanted something more sexier or naughty or ugly…
No, this is pure SH***** = = = > S H A R I N G!

Sharing is the main issue in social media. You give and you get. 
This is interaction.
More and more bloggers and companies are marketing or selling stuff. Lots of bloggers have giveaways to get more traffic, audience – and perhaps they want to sell something too. That fine by me.
But I’m not selling anything. This is PURE sharing!

Pure sh***** part 1. and here is Pure sh***** part 2.
You noticed my Twitter account was hacked. If you need any kind of help or information about Twitter check this out:

150+ Ultimate Round-Up of Helpful Twitter Articles by BIT REBELS

Maf Raederscheidt was the first one who asked if I sent to her a weird DM. No I did not. Thank you Maf being so quick and helpful!
Maf is an ARTIST. 

Her motto is: A Painting a Day keeps the Doctor away!

“Every morning we get up, we grab our burden and start going. All the little duties that make our day are in these bags we have to carry. But you better keep your eyes open: all this will never cover the beauty that can be found around you. 
Daily Painting about burden.”

This painting Maf made for Weiberfastnacht, Women’s Carnival Day dedicated to all brave women in the world. 

How about fashion in Tokyo?! Tokyofashion!

You can check other pictures of this guy in Tokyofashion here.

How about vintage a la Tokyo…

Now we go to Sweden, Gothenburg.
Only couple of days ago I found this talented young man 
What do you say about this piece of art named “Deep cuts”?

Which is your favourite and why?

0 thoughts on “This is pure sh***** part 3.”

  1. >>LINDA
    Isn’t it incredible how art can comfort, bring joy, make us smile…
    Evening meal is late but coming…soon! 🙂

    I guess your day was quite busy! 🙂
    You too hacked…oh, boy…
    But now we know what to do, immediately…

    And we share!

    I agree!

    We do need art in this cold world to cheer us up and keep us alive!

    “It talks to me.” That happened to me too! 🙂
    Let’s try to be positive – negativity sucks our energy and joy…

    Art is endless – I agree! and we need it! Variedly: music, dance, theatre etc.

    Don’t be too serious! 🙂
    Olympics – don’t know nothing about them…If we were in Finland I’d know…because most of the people watch Olympics… 🙂

    Japanese street fashion is really interesting. Not that I would dress like that but I enjoy watching how creative those people are! How they mix things…Really interesting!

    Erik is really talented! and he’s still young – imagine what he’ll be in 20 yrs – a star! from the same city as you! That makes two stars! 🙂

    I like what you say.
    And I like also the shapes, how Erik made everything look somehow real…
    I know you – I’m following you already! 🙂

    That’s why I love pictures, all kind of pictures, because we interpret what we see subject to our experience of life…

  2. Great sharing! I like the second one the best…the homage to women, very telling in it’s depiction.
    The last one is also interesting and could mean so many different things to different people…for me, it is a bit literal…a broken house. Either from divorce, death…something…


  3. I like the “Deep Cuts” one. Mainly because of the women inside of the house looking at her house like “What the hell just happened?” So many times our lives feel like they’ve been torn apart and we’re just left standing there staring at the pieces.

    I thought I was following you, but, shame on me, I wasn’t. I am now!

    Stopping by from SITS

  4. A very goo idea this sh…..!

    I have already seen Erik Johansson’s fantastic work, knew he was Swedish, but now also learnt that he’s from my birth town! Amazing what he does!

  5. What great peace of art – excellent (and believe me, I’ serious!)

    Well documented with great photos too – you both look great!

    Sorry I haven’t been around lately: Work overload and busy watching the Winter Olympics in Vancouver 🙂

  6. thanks for stopping by my blog and helping make my SITS day so wonderful! I love the surprise of watercolors, Japanese fashion, and the Surrealist style painting on your blog. (ps. someone twitter hacked me too)

  7. Women’s Carnival Day! The serenity speaks to me and the colors. I find it very calming. I like looking at it. Visited this site and LOVED the watercolors – my favorite medium. You can’t overwork a watercolor and get away with it. So the first impression really communicates an idea.

    Thanks for sharing! Today, I’m having my first cup of coffee and you are winding down your day. What’s the evening meal going to be? :>



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