UPDATED! time to have fun! It's an IMAGE QUESTION of the day!

It’s time for IMAGE QUESTION!

What do you see on this picture?

Previous question was…oh, too long ago – 
I publish the right answer=picture tomorrow Thursday morning, 
Cairo morning 🙂

Hints? Nope. It would be too easy! 🙂

Here’s a list what you saw in this picture:
chocolate cake
Sirokko’s brain
colourful Persian rug
cake icing
cappucino a la delicious
cake or cookies
cake and a frothy latte
pancake with whipped cream and jam
Linda’s earring
coffee and whipped milk on it

ta-daaaa…here’s the original picture:
Sirokko, do you still see your brain here? 🙂 
How about Susan, a volcano? LOL!
Linda, your earring made of chocolate? 🙂
Feeling Fit With Dana, 
now we all need to do 10 minutes exercise just looking at this picture, right? 
(I did my 10 minutes this morning!!!)

Thanks everyone! Have a great day!

Would you like to have these more often?

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