Cairo Opera House complex part 1.

In December we visited Cairo Opera House complex and there The Egyptian Modern Art Museum where you could not take photos but here’s the link to their web site where they have a lot of pictures of the art inside the museum.

I know I have Egyptian readers. Please help me: 
who is this peacefully sitting man? I forgot his name…

Do you like opera?
Modern art?

0 thoughts on “Cairo Opera House complex part 1.”

    Of course you want to come back!
    I bet you didn’t have enough time to shoot pics as much as you wanted…
    But hey, until your next visit you can enjoy my pictures! 🙂

  2. Hi BLOGitse! You see, I’ve to go back; haven’t seen this one… ;))

    Blogtrotter 2 is missing your comments in Haiti. Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!!

    I’ve been once. Even if I like a lot of classical music opera I like only certain songs/singers.

    I love modern art too. And old art like this Akseli Gallen-Kallela Poika ja varis (A boy and a crow)

    LOL! I’m still waiting if somebody knows who he is…

    It is a nice place…It’s great they’ve kept this kind of area in downtown!

    Sina sen sanoit! En taida toistamiseen enaa ehtia mutta muistan jos tulevaisuudessa jossain muualla kokeilisin tuota kikkaa! 🙂

    I like some songs/singers but opera is not my main passion 🙂
    Art: Modern or old okay – if it’s good!

    Do you like Yo-Yo Ma? I think he’s great!

    Aloha! 🙂

  4. It is nice that we have museums. They tell many important stories from our past. Modern art is also interesting, but I don´t like all of it… I have never been to opera, but I do like music and some opera-artists have really fantastic voices.

  5. Mikset pukeudu sheikiksi? Me kun oltiin Kairon Egyptiläisessä museossa, niin siellä sheikit kuvaili salamalla vaikka mitä ja vartijat katseli vaan vieressä, vaikka joka paikassa luki, että ei saa kuvata.


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