hackers suck!

You remember my Twitter account was hacked?

There were more victims (and will be). Read this Mashable article written couple of days ago:
“It seems hundreds of Twitter accounts have started to Tweet out “weight loss” product spam today.

Specifically, users who have had their accounts hijacked are Tweeting the message “I lost 20 lbs in 2 weeks!” and links to diet sites. Our source counts over 200 rogue tweets so far tonight.”

Susie had to suffer more. Her email account was hacked.

“I actually had made it easy for The Hacker to do his dirty deeds – I went the lazy and careless route and hadn’t changed my passwords for quite a while and actually used the same password for many of my accounts, just to make it easier for myself – which actually made it a lot easier for The Hacker. 
So recommendation #1 is change your passwords frequently and don’t use the same password for your accounts.” 

Hey, before you go – when did you change your password
Your password is NOT your birthday or any easy combination to guess? Good! You’re 


Remember: if you get an email or tweet which is not like you’re used to get from your contact do NOT open the link. 

Ask your contact first if she/he has sent you a message before you open suspicious mail/tweet.

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  1. GINA
    I didn’t know Twitter do that? But good for you!

    I’ve mixed mine too!

    You’re right. There should be easier way…
    I write them down – behind a password! 🙂

    it is eeeek! Seriously when hacking happens you feel like your identity was stolen…

    oh, no…
    Now you should google you public email.
    And in the future you know what NOT reveal…

    I agree with you but what can we do? I have a list of my passwords behind a password. What if I forget that password? eeeek! 🙂

    It’s good to wake up ourselves in this virtual reality! Not that rosy…

    Let me know what happens!

    Good! 🙂

    If you hear or read stories like Susie’s I’d like to know. Please leave a link here, thank you!

  2. Like Peter said, you have to remember too many codes and once you learn the most needed ones, you really don´t want to change them!
    But thanks for this post, subject is very important.

  3. I haven’t been hacked, but did have to kill my blog because of viscious hateful people. You warned me….
    Tina (from the now dead Bull in a china Shop)

  4. Well my password to the google accounts (incl. my blog, gmail etc.)is so complicated that I hardly remember it myself! I believe it is **********.

    Seriously, your warning is good and I must learn to change more often, but it’s not easy to live with all these codes, including bank cards, getting into your house, opening the mobile phone…and not being supposed to write them down! Maybe something easier and safer has to be more generally introduced like fingerprints…

  5. My twitter account has been hacked TWICe, the second time, TWITTER recognized the problem before me and changed my password to a temp one until I could log on pick my own.


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