Greetings from Casablanca, Morocco! part 2.

Yes, we are back in Cairo but not for long. 
Some of you know already that we’re moving to Casablanca, Morocco at end of this month.
My husband’s contract finishes here and new challenges are waiting in Morocco.
Can’t wait the new chapter in our life starting…in couple of weeks!!! 🙂

Here are the rest of the pics I took at the weekend. More pictures from Casa will come later 🙂

He played the lute very well…and sang – traditional Arabic music…

I tried to dance with her but I could not do the movements like she…
I wonder why…LOL!

The corniche of Casablanca…

If the Atlantic is too rough you can visit one these clubs and swim in a pool…

Look how clean it is!
People were enjoying the warmth of the spring sun…

So much space to walk!!!

I can imagine myself sitting here and sipping a cocktail… 🙂

The Atlantic Ocean

More pictures from Casablanca in April!

Au revoir! We’ve started to study French already. 
Not yet in a class. We downloaded several lessons in our iPods 
so we hear how to pronounce and get used to listen the language…
Oh, boy. A lot of work ahead but I like to learn new things!

Do you like languages? 

I can communicate more or less with Swedish, Spanish, a few words of Arabic, English and of course Finnish.

What languages can you speak or communicate with ?

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  1. Looks like you’ll have a great time in Casablanca, and also looks like I’m jealous! I just got back from the UAE and literally fell in love with the desert, I felt like I belonged there, might be moving near the desert too! I speak French, Italian, English, Portuguese and starting studying Arabic, will I fit in Morocco?? Great blog 😉

  2. BECAUSE OF OUR MOVING > packing
    my answers are little bit late…

    It’s funny but we forget all the negative things when the action is on.
    Most of our stuff is in Finland so moving is not that bad…

    oh no…Bonjour Trotter! I’d like to learn French and quick!
    Au revoir! 🙂 (that all I can write so far…)

    ahaaaa, then we’ll meet in Casa!!!
    I have to check that phrasebook – but totally new Arabic I’m not ready to study – prhases yes…

    LuCkY you! 🙂

  3. Languages are quite easy for me to learn,and I like grammar;you should see my collection of grammar books,especially in Spanish(I had an obsession for Spanish grammar books!

  4. Casablanca is lovely! Been there only once and liked it a lot. I’m going there most likely again this summer as we go to meet my husband’s extended family near Marrakech.
    At home I communicate in Finnish and English, my husband in French and English and moroccan arabic on the phone.

    ps. Lonely planet has a phrasebook of Moroccan Arabic I ordered it from Amazon

  5. Alors, Bonjour Blogitse!! Ça va? En français, ça va être encore beaucoup plus intéréssant… 😉 Et maintenant tu es juste à coté… À bientôt!!

    PS: Portuguese, French, English, Spanish, German, Italian…

  6. >>anumorchy
    You’re right. The air is not polluted as here and I can feel, breath the sea again – Atlantic!

    In Arabic yes: naam and no: laa. 🙂
    Una serveza, por favor!
    Una copa de vino tinto, por favor! in Spanish – how do you say that in Italian?
    Au revoir!

    Busy – you’re right! Today, 17.3., two years ago we moved to Cairo…
    I like ‘real Swedish’ too! Tack! 🙂

    I guess you’ve always like to study languages? Easy for you?
    How about grammar?
    My grammar is baaad…in every language…

    Clean! Doesn’t it sound funny if you think about it? How much we appreciate when environment is clean! You don’t think about it when you live in a clean country!
    My husband speaks German but me no. Too difficult for me…Guten tag! 🙂
    Oh and I can say Ni hao! (hello) and xie-xie (thank you) in Chinese! 🙂

    I’ve never heard about your language Sinhalese. Wikipedia:
    “The Sinhalese are the majority ethnic group of Sri Lanka, constituting 74% of the Sri Lankan population. They speak Sinhala an Indo-Aryan language, and number approximately 14 million in the world.”
    WOW! 14 million – I didn’t know that!
    Blogging is great way to learn new things!!!


    This is not only ‘nice’ life. In the beginning we have to stay in a hotel, look for a place to live, buy this and that….it’s hard work!
    I guess cat language is universal, right? 🙂
    I wonder if you’d understand Finnish cat language…hm…what do you think?
    That size of glass is my normal size. I’ve never liked thimble size…. 🙂

    >>Lee the Hot Flash Queen
    Romantic is only in the movie! 🙂

    I do NOT regret moving to Cairo. No!
    I’ve learned and experienced things I wouldn’t anywhere else. These 2 years here has been good 2 years!
    Every country has its own good/negative things.
    “Parlo Italiano” is very close to “Hablo Espana”…

    Kiitos. Edessa pieni puserrus… 🙂

    Hey but you’ve tried! If you ever go to Paris it will be easier for you than me – I never studied French. But now I will…
    We can go together to Paris!? 🙂

    >>Stickup Artist
    I remember this when I was at school “all too typical American and speak no other language but English” but never understood why
    you don’t study other languages, like French?
    Can you study languages at school if you want to?
    Sorry but I don’t know your school system at all…

    >>Lily Hydrangea
    We could practice French together! Leave comments only in French?! 🙂

  7. Wow. You guys really get around! How incredibly exciting. I will miss your excellent reporting from Egypt but look forward to your blogging about Casablanca.

    Unfortunately, I am an all too typical American and speak no other language but English 🙁

  8. Such beautiful pictures.
    I am a bit of a language dabbler. Thus far in my life I have taken:
    1 year of Spanish,
    1 semester of German
    1 year of Thai when I was a child
    2 semesters of sign language and
    5 years of French.
    I tried to use my French in Morocco. It was awful.

  9. You must be happiest happy to leave Cairo for Casablanca. Although every place has something to give to your life. Tanti auguri per la nuova vita! Puhun suomea, talar svenska och lite norska, speak English, parlo italiano, verstehe Deutsch.

  10. I’m so excitied for you and envious of your new adventure – what a nice life.

    I speak English, Spanish and read French. Also fluent in cat. I have two and know what every meow means.

    Love the drawing of you sipping a drink by the sea, although if you drank something that size, I’m thinking you might be IN the sea!

  11. Sweet goodness, that looks so nice beautiful and clean! I can imagine that you will enjoy it there greatly!
    Well, German as my native language, English, a bit of French and Spanish.
    Arabic and Hungarian close to non-existent 🙂

  12. Looks really great in Casablanca, so clean and nice! I can really feel the joy of the coming new things in your words:-)
    I love languages, and speak fluently Finnish, Swedish, English, Hebrew and Spanish, French and German are there but sort of inactive due to lack of use,and then I can manage with very simple Arabic as well.

  13. Oh how exciting!!! Your spring will be busy because of these changes but it is surely nice to explore Casablanca!!!

    Besides Finnish I can speak English, Swedish and a little German. I like Swedish very much (not Finland Swedish but the real Swedish) and would like to know it better!

  14. Oh, so you are moving there! Yes, better to learn French.
    I like languages and when younger, I could make myself understood in Swedish, English, French and German. But now I’ve forgotten almost everything of French and German, because I haven’t used them in decades. Pity.
    English and Swedish is fluent, and Finnish of course 🙂

    In Spanish I manage to order myself a beer, and in Italian a glass of red wine. And in Arabic I’ve learned to say no!


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