countdown started…

About one week to go and we fly to Casablanca…
I’ve been a good girl. I’ve tried all the clothes on what I’m going to pack with us. And guess what – I found my old pair of jeans and they fit! Jippii!

all my excercise materials are soon packed…
I get excercise enough carrying things up and down…
nail polish, lipstick ready to go… 🙂
more and more empty shelves…
boxes and packingpaper…
Not many days left in Cairo…Here’s a link to time and date counter… 
I have still a zillion details to check and pack…
What kind of plans do you have for next 8 days?

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    Have you tried? 🙂

    >>MELISSA B.
    Good for you! We need breaks every now and then.
    I’m going to have actual blogging break starting next week because I don’t have an internet connection for couple of days…
    How can I live without internet?!

    yep, but I’m not pure yoga person – I add Pilates, gym stick and ball > my own mix of exercise routine…

  2. Not quite as exotic as you, but this year I’ve decided to take a 2-week Spring Break. Spending some time this week on the beaches of Florida’s Gulf Coast with my youngest; next week, it’s up to the chilly Upper Midwest to hang out with her older sister. Fun times!

  3. >>TARU
    Onneksi ei talla kertaa koko elamaa tarvitse lapi kayda! Ihan tarpeeksi riittaa puuhaa kun kokeilen kaikki kayttamattomat vaatteet – mahtuuko vai ei.
    Himassa kaytan kaikenlaisia riepuja ja ratteja joten oikeat vaatteet ovat tavallaan uusia.
    Katevaa! 🙂
    Tuijota niita lumihankia tiukasti kylla ne luovuttavat ja sulavat pois…

    Uusi alku, just niin.
    Yritan asennoitua ‘en odota mitaan’ kun edessa taas oman kodin metsastys, hotellimajoitusta, uusiin kieliin totuttelemista jne. Onneksi muutamme kevaalla. Kun syksy koittaa olemme jo paasseet 3kk kuherteluvaiheen ohi ja alkaa tavallinen arki… 🙂
    Taalla oli rankkaa alussa 6kk – toivon Casassa paasevani helpommalla…

    We have our missions! 🙂
    Skinny jeans – sounds…skinny! I’m not skinny but hm…but happy those jeans fit!
    I used to be skinny when I was a teen…couple of years ago! LOL!

    Your pictures of Helsinki were…positive! I’ve read how much there has been snow but not in your pics!
    I can’t wait to read about your life in UK. I follow you so all the new posts I read when they’re published but old ones, later in Casa…
    It was nice to meet you! 🙂

    ootko koittanut viimeksi vanhoja farkkuja?
    Mutta hei, jos sina kokkailet kaikki herkkuja paivat pitkat ja viela syot ne kaikki, niin ei ole ihme jos vanhat ei veny… LOL!
    Kun paaseen taas kavelemaan aloitan uuden elaman! juu juu, vanha tuttu laulu mutta pakko kun on 2v istunut tietokoneessa kiini niin hartiat ja koko ylakroppa tarvitsee totaalisen tuuletuksen! 🙂

    a miracle girl! Thanks! That sounds too good to be true!
    But because those jeans really fit – I’m a miracle girl…so far! 🙂

    No problem I just wanted you to know! 🙂
    You have an interesting posting on your blog…
    I’ll be back to comment…

    Oh, we’re giving so much stuff away…two boxes full for our cleaning lady, one box to our friends…and we haven’t touch the kitchen yet! and some of my clothes are still staring at me… 🙂

    I don’t have any stress because I have a certain rhythm and final packing is done by the remover.
    About self exam. I could never ever find my spot by myself. It was deep back so I was very lucky my gyno did her job so well…
    oh, I miss my Spanish! But now we get closer to Spain – maybe I go to buy some jamon from there… 🙂

  4. Wow, looks like you are just about ready…such an exciting but still stressful time, right?
    We still are clueless as to where we are going next!
    Catching up on posts….your scar looks great and I try to do a self exam, but sometimes I am not sure if I am very successful.
    As for languages…I can speak of course English, pretty good in Spanish, and I get by in Portuguese….I do like languages and I want to learn Italian…maybe as a project for my new assignment!


  5. Hi Blogitse! I would love to fit into my old jeans… 😉
    Guida says that the advantage of moving is that you may throw away tons of things you aren’t using any longer but weren’t able to drop should you stay… Is that true?

    Thanks for your comments at Blogtrotter 2, which has now landed in Mexico. Enjoy and have a great week!!

  6. I’ve just come back from wonderful but cold Helsinki, so will stay home in the UK for a while now. Unlike you – Morocco, how very exciting.

    Look forward to reading your ex-pat Finnish adventures.

    Helena xx

  7. I hope to make it as far as Anza Borrega Desert State Park for the wildflower blooms. Girl, we do end up in some hot places. Good thing you have a good t-shirt collection. Congrats on the jeans. We call them our skinny jeans here. We all have a pair!

  8. Pakkaillessa käy vähän läpi koko elämäänsä, ainakin joltakin ajalta.
    Vähän kuin siivoillessa, mutta muutto vielä totaalisempaa.
    Uusi lehti kääntyy ja elämä Casablancassa alkaa, wau!

    Seuraavan kahdeksan päivän aikana tuijotan tuimana jättimäisiä lumikinoksia joka puolella, auttaiskohan se niiden sulamiseen ; )


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