bits and pieces from Casa…

My blogging is not totally back on track yet.
New thing in our life is that my husband is free at the weekends!
(In Cairo we had Fri-Sat as a weekend so I was ‘free’ to blog on Sunday…)
Here in Casa my husband is totally free from Friday afternoon till Monday morning. No phone calls, no emails to answer…
this is almost shocking for me 🙂
Yesterday we had a 15 km (9.3 miles) walk! Yes, we took a wrong boulevard…
But we felt great in the evening after a shower – dead tired but so satisfied – we can freely walk again!!! 
We had coffee by the sea…sun was shining…and today we both look like tomatoes! 🙂

Here you can see local ‘small taxi’ petit taxi. They are everywhere. Some drives are nice and put the meter on but some are trying to fool us because we’re foreigners. Not nice. But it’s the same everywhere.

Motobecane you know already! 🙂

“Registered taxis in Casablanca are coloured red and known as petits taxis (small taxis). As is standard Moroccan practice, petits taxis, typically small-four door Fiat Uno or similar cars, provide metered cab service
in the central metropolitan areas.” want to read more

a new version of petit taxi…

Yesterday I noticed first this

and then this – kindergarten or pre-school?

As you know I’m a very curious person – do they have snow in Morocco?
I googled…
Yes, there’s snow in Morocco!

“The two most popular ski resorts in the country include Oukaimeden and Jebel Mischliffen.
Oukaimeden is perhaps one of the better established ones and it features a ski lift that will take you to a breathtaking 3268 meters above sea level.
Ski Equipment can be rented and there are plenty of mountain trails that you can enjoy if you are not that into downhill skiing.
The resort is usually open between January and February and the hotels provide basic accommodation.
Jebel Mischliffen was opened by the French in the 1950s and has remained in its original state since then.” more here

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  1. >>MYTHO
    and very busy if we continue like this! 🙂

    Joskus kannattaa yrittaa useamman kerran jos ei ekalla kerralla aukea.
    Ei ole liian ahdasta. Merituuli puhaltaa…Ainoa negatiivinen juttu kavelya ajatellen on jalkakaytavien huono kunto mutta onneksi niita on!

    It was quite a long walk but we felt great after that!

    Guess what – I’m going to check French lesson schedule! So I’m going to be more busier in the future!

    Ala unta nae! Minua ei taalla laskemaan saa – en kaipaa lunta patkaakaan! 🙂 Mutta muuten tulemme kylla kiertelemaan ympari maata kunhan saamme auton alle…Junallakin paasee!

    After 2 years in a compound and now freedom easily to move around – that is amazing!

    How easy for you – you just follow my postings! 🙂
    Traveling has never been as easy as it is today!

    Yes but we’re learning. Now we take a map with us! 🙂
    Snow – not for me thank you…
    Turkey – I’ll be there later today/tomorrow…

  2. Hi BLOGitse! 15 km? Of course you took the wrong Boulevard… ;))
    You have to climb high to get that snow… ;))

    Blogtrotter Two is waiting for you in Turkey… 😉 Enjoy and have a great week!!

  3. Don’t worry too much about being totally back in blogging yet. Take your time and get installed, enjoy! You seem to have a very good start in your new home country!

  4. Vihdoinkin sivusi aukesi minullekin.. Näyttää mukavalta siellä, ei liian ahdasta ja hyökkäävää, jotenkin enemmän ‘american style’, ainakin näissä kuvissa. Oh, ja saat pitää miehellesikin enemmän seuraa, vau! Siihen voi olla vaikeampi tottua 🙂

  5. >>BG
    I really don’t know what’s going to happen in next Jan/Feb – we’ve experienced already in less than 2 weeks more than we did in 2 years in Cairo!
    Here we’re not frustrated of the traffic, pollution etc.
    We’ve been really busy! 🙂

    I feel more free here. Moving around is much more easier and not so stressful as in Cairo…

    LOL! As said earlier, here more in less than 2 weeks than 2 yrs in Cairo! 🙂


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