Hey boys, grow up!

Yesterday was a big day for local football fans.
Wydad Casablanca (red)

and Raja Casablanca (green)

played at 3 pm.
Groups of drumming and singing fans were marching to the stadium 
from 10 am!

Maroc-football.com: In the 108th derby of Morocco’s Premier League, 
Raja Casablanca scored a sole goal to overthrow Wydad from leadership 
and took the reins of the League.
In a breathtaking game with much at stake as the winner goes to the top position,
the two soccer poles of Casablanca clashed in the midfield, creating few goal opportunities and demonstrating an average show.

Wikipedia: In 2000, the stadium was renovated a second time because of Morocco’s candidacy to organise the 2010 World Cup,
green- and red-coloured seats were installed in the stadium
reducing the capacity to its current size, 55,000.

I saw how the guys were throwing stones and kicking that fence. 
Why do you have to be aggressive and destroy places? 
What kind of satisfaction did you get?
Grow up! 
Sports should be fun, not a war or battlefield for the fans!

UPDATED 22.4.2010
Fans would give up food, maybe a limb, for World Cup glory by Reuters
“More than 40 percent offered to give up dating for a year, while seven percent said they would gladly give up their job to see their country win the title.
A further four percent were willing to give away a body part.
The survey was conducted by U.S.-based international calling firm VIP Communications Inc (www.JoinVIP.com) ahead of the South African extravaganza featuring 32 nations.
It found that a majority of English respondents — 93 percent — would give up food for a week to see England win, while some 
70 percent of Italians would give up their job for an Italian victory.
Americans were most willing to sacrifice their homes, while South Koreans were most ready to sacrifice their love life.
And the people least willing to make a sacrifice?
The survey found that only 3 percent of Slovakians would give up anything to improve their country’s chances of victory.”
Good for you Slovakians!!! 
In England fans could survive without food for a week, Italians without work! WOW! What’s wrong with Italians?
Football is more important than your personal/family life? 

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  1. Samanlaista näyttää olevan joka puolella, matsit on hyviä tekosyitä päästää höyryjä ulos ja joukossa tyhmyys tiivistyy, dangerous, kantsii pysyä kaukana massoista.

  2. >>CLOUDIA
    Rabid – new word for me, thanks!

    >>MELISSA B.
    Seriously. I know there’s always been gang fights but to fight/destroy property for sport! that is so stupid!

    Hockey is very popular in Finland but I don’t know how the fans behave, are there fights or do they destroy property…

    We had to watch Milan-Barcelona match yesterday because it was my husband’s birthday and all the restaurants had the mach on. Loud.
    But. Here I’ve learned to like good football! For me watching it on tv is enough!
    The feeling in a restaurant/bar is really, really great during the match. It’s like magic!

    Olen vaan liian laiska kirjoittamaan molemmilla kielilla ja tekstinhan voi aina kaannattaa googlella. Vaikkei se 100oikein oliskaan saa kuitenkin kiinni ideasta.
    Sita paitsi tahan blogiin harvemmin kirjoitan pitkasti…Suomeksi-blogissa marmatan yleensa pitkaan ja hartaasti! 🙂
    Futiksesta. Taalla olen muutaman viikon aikana oppinut tykkaamaan kunnon futiksesta!
    Eilen oli miehen synttarit ja kaikki ravintolat/baarit huudatti Milan-Barcelona matsia – arvaa vaan innostuttiinko – no tietty! Se tarttuu! Yleiso on kuin yhta suurta perhetta…
    Omaisuuden hajottamista urheilun nimissa en voi tajuta. Mutta niitahan on ilon pilaajia ja huligaaneja ympari maailman…
    Ranskan opiskelun aloitin talla viikolla! Tykkaan!!!

  3. Hei, en jaksa kirjoittaa englanniksi. 😉 Onko ok heittää suomeksi, vaikka sinulla koko blogiteksti onkin englanniksi?

    Taitavat siellä päin olla aika tulisia faneja. Jokin siitä futiksesta näyttää tietyissä kulttuureissa tekevän ihmiset suorastaan hulluiksi: Ikään kuin jalkapallo olisi maailman tärkein asia. Onhan se tietty hyvä, että osaa tunteitaan näyttää, mutta näin coolin suomalaisen näkökulmasta tuo menee vähän yli 😉

    Oletko muuten alkanut opiskella ranskaa? Hienoa!!! nyt selaan muutkin krijoituksesi, jotka ovat “mukakirreiden” takia jääneet lukematta. 🙂

  4. I thought these things happened only in Italy during football games! I don’t know whether it’s more appropriate to feel scared or reassured that kids are the same everywhere… Maybe this is one of the reasons I’m allergic to football!

  5. >>YAELIAN
    I have a stick not asdl yet…Today it’s been better but uploading pictures take ages…

    I agree with you – good loser can be a good winner too…

    In large crowds people go crazy whatever the happening!
    But why to be aggressive, destroy your own hometown…

    Great you joined the gang! 🙂
    Here the police/army didn’t do anything to stop the guys destroying the fence. But after the came two main
    streets were full of policemen, police cars etc. Quite scary!

    I know what you mean – I was a little bit scared too…

    Your idea is SUPER GREAT! But we have to wait at least couple of generations before men change…

    fun not fight!

  6. It seems to me that the less women participate, are heard and respected, the more aggressive the day to day life of the menfolk become. Maybe if they were walking with their arms around their girlfriends and wives, perhaps a few kids in tow to provide a good example to, less time would be spent kicking and throwing. Very good shots.

  7. Blogging from Morocco? Sign me up! Loved checking out your site this morning. Such fun.

    As for the excess of testosterone in your part of the world, I agree. Grow up! Men and their sports.

    I guess some things are true no matter where you are in the world.

  8. Well said Blogitse!
    It was crazy here yesterday as the big team was going against a rival for the Carioca Cup…it seems they have “cups” or “tournaments” every other month though?!
    I don’t really follow it too closely…except driver #1 was very sad yesterday as he watched his team lose…
    and driver #2 was very happy today that team lost…even though he is not a fan of the team that won, he always likes to see the one team lose!


  9. Hi everyone!
    I have internet connection problems – again!
    Plus I’ve been busy lately – hopefully I have time to do blog hopping tomorrow! Please be patient with me, thank you!


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