undercover in the red-light district of Casablanca…

I googled information about this street…Lalla means Miss. Of course I wanted to know who is Lalla Yacout…
I went down to the hotel reception to ask if they know – of course they didn’t.
They know the name of the street but that’s it.
I wanted to know. I googled more. I found almost nothing…
Finally I found myself on Metropolis TV in Netherlands!

“The editorial team of Metropolis is based at VPRO TV in The Netherlands. 
VPRO is a Dutch public broadcast organization with a longstanding documentary tradition. 
Many of our prize winning productions have been aired at festivals world wide and screened by broadcasters all over the world. 
Since the early days of the internet VPRO has also been a leading pioneer in new media in The Netherlands.”

(you need 10 minutes to look what it’s about…)

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  1. >>HPY
    Taitaa olla hyva veikkaus. Googlettaessa en loytanyt kuin punaisten lyhtyjen kaduille/alueille taalla ja muissa maissa. En tietenkaan tutkinut kovin tarkkaan.
    Taman maan historian tietoni on nolla mutta eipa tunnu paikallisetkaan kovin paljon tietavan kun olen yhta sun toista kysellyt. No taalla Casassa asuu paljon muualta tulleita joita ei kiinnosta kuin leivan hankinta…
    Kiva kun kommentoit. Olen nahnyt lyhyen nimesi aika monessa blogissa – ja nyt taalla, kiitos!

    You’re so right: “Condemned but condoned. Somebody is using their services.”
    MEN are using their services!
    For me personally I don’t care who sleeps with who!
    But it’s wrong if societies don’t take care of their children. Uneducated, under age girls from country side are used as sex slaves – wrong!
    That’s why it’s so important that girls all over the globe get education.
    It’s women who can make the difference, together with good men.
    Girls should not be forced to marry when they are still children themselves.

    Interesting indeed…

    That’s so stupid. And hypocritical. argh!

    yes it is…

    You made my day! Blogging can be so much more than about ME ME ME life.
    Most of the bloggers want to have fun and this kind of postings are not fun.
    Tomorrow I’ll try to post something fun…

    We need to be shaken every now and then…
    Here I see young boys doing shoe shining – they are not at school > which means…

  3. Just spent almost a half hour reading through everything and mulling it over. I am seriously stunned. I’m sure I will continue to process this over the next several days too.

    The bottom line is that I couldn’t agree more with your comment. As women bloggers, we are obligated to be educated and vocal about what is going on in the world.

    Thanks for such a great post!


  4. This seems to be a difficult topic – a lot of readers but only a few comments.
    I thought women would give their thoughts about this issue but…
    What worries me if we shut up. I think it’s important bloggers are active about human trafficking, prostitution, child labour etc.

    Here’s one article about the situation in Morocco.
    “Children are trafficked within the country from rural areas to urban centers to work as maids or laborers, or for exploitation in the sex trade. Men, women, and children are trafficked to European and Middle Eastern countries as illegal migrants who become exploited for forced labor and prostitution.
    Young Moroccan girls from rural areas are recruited to work as child maids in cities, but often face restrictions on movement, non-payment of wages, threats, and physical or sexual abuse.”

  5. In Chicago, I went on a prostitution bust with the brother of a friend. He was a Chicago cop. It was pretty ridiculous. The girls are rounded up in a police truck, and taken to the county jail. If they or their pimps can pay the bail, they are back on the streets in about an hour. Meanwhile city government raked in the money. It’s like prostitution tax!

  6. Condemned but condoned. Somebody is using their services. What surprises me is that it is acceptable to marry off daughters to the highest bidder at much too young an age and that is considered okay. Maybe if they were free to get educations and had greater options this would lessen. Life is too hard for too many. I think less judgement and more compassion is needed in this world. Very illuminating post.


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