a photo of the weekend #17

Unknown Mami

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  1. Hi everyone!
    Thanks for your comments!
    Our life is still a mess.
    We started a new home hunting and the results are not too positive. We spend too much time waiting for the keys! Yes, system in Casa takes a lot of time…

    I hope to see you again this weekend!
    Until then,

  2. That is just amazing.Love the halo.

    Thanks for you comments last week, I checked out your photos of Waiheke Island, and the are gorgeous. I love that place. And yes we are known as

  3. zthe sun has a halo around it, so we forget about the clouds that try to obscure the sun. But do not, as the solar brilliance is too strong for the clouds. Nice!

  4. oi, oi, oi…my internet connection is BAD!
    We’re moving out of the hotel tomorrow.
    I’ll visit your blogs on Monday if I don’t have time tomorrow…
    Have a great weekend everyone!


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