EDITED version: your WOrds and my IMAges = WO*IMA #66

your WOrds of my IMAge #66:
Without my children
I wouldn’t be a mother.
So, it’s their day.

My heart is always on my left side, 
even as a rose.

Imagine the world without the love of moms.

Hats off to mommys everywhere!
like the petals of a rose
a mothers love unfolds
ever more beautiful
as her children grow…

Thank you all!
Have a great week ahead!

0 thoughts on “EDITED version: your WOrds and my IMAges = WO*IMA #66”

  1. >>KEATS
    Same to you! Have a great week ahead!

    We’re still looking for a place to live.
    Otherwise I really like Casa and I/we have met really nice people.
    I’ve noticed how shy locals are – at first.
    If you ask ‘do you speak English’ the answer is ‘always’ – little.
    After couple of minutes warming up they can speak! Wow! Problem is that they learn to read and write at school but not conversation. Because English is not my first language I know how it feels to be unsure, shy…that’s why I can say things in different ways and not always correct English but the main thing is that we understand each others.
    Sometimes I draw, act or even sing! LOL! 🙂

    People in general are really, really nice – like in every country!

    I’ll visit your blog soon – thanks for reminding! Great week to you as well…

  2. Hi Blogitse! Great macro!!
    We had Mother’s Day on the first Sunday in May…
    How are things in Casa? Hopefully better…
    Have a great week!

    PS: Blogtrotter Two has Ephesus for you… 😉


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