this man…

…is our new hope for a place to live.
I was going to post this picture without editing
but I noticed this cloud, a shape like a man’s face.
We found a flat,
the owner is a man,
we’re moving in on Thursday next week…
On Tuesday I’ll visit the flat – what will stay, what will go.
We don’t need all the stuff there is because we have our
own stuff is coming
-one day-
from Cairo
or from Casa custom
where our stuff now is –
we don’t know!
This ‘cloud man’ is a symbol of our new hope to finally settle down here in Casa… 
ps. I’ll publish WO*IMA picture later today.
Tomorrow I’ll have a blog surfing morning – see you then! 

0 thoughts on “this man…”

  1. May the Cloudman bring all the happiness to your new apartment and get your stuff there also!

    Wonderful photo! Clouds are so full of surprises.

  2. >>YAELIAN
    LOL! and I don’t see your dog! 🙂 and thanks!

    Thanks! I will…let’s hope for the best this time!

    Oh yes! I guess you see the Cloud Man!?

    We try to stay calm now – nothing is sure until we’re in! But yes, we’re reliefed – today! 🙂


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