7 year old girls as sex objects…

“When Beyonce sings and dances to a song called Single Ladies it’s age appropriate and sends a message loud and clear that tells grown women if you’re not getting what you want out of a relationship, than move on.
When seven year old girls slap on satin and lace hooker outfits and dance to Single Ladies,

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it takes on a whole new meaning.”
“Totally inappropriate.”

I agree!!!

Original article written 17.5.2010 by mama Kat 

I read about this from Jenny’s blog

What’s your opinion?
What’s the message here?
What about their parents – they are proud of their little girls look like hookers and dance like…you know what. 
New generation ready to be sex objects?

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  2. I popped over from SITS. It does disturb me but it’s not just the dancing & costumes. A lot of everyday clothing for little girls is overtly sexual & most of the time inappropriate as well.

    The man has a point about cheerleading though. There are cheer schools for girls that young, their outfits are not much different (minus fringe), and they do dance like that in competition along with the standard cheer moves.

  3. My two older daughters (12&9) love to dance and are very fond of Beyonce´s music. But if they would want to attend to something like this I would absolutely say no. With proper clothing and nicely done hair I might let to join, but this video made me sick.

  4. Yes, I have seen this and all the commentary too. I have two grown daughters, four grand-daughters, and there is no way I could rationalize that this is appropriate. Yes, the girls are, in fact great young dancers, which is the sad part, because they are being steered and misguided by adults who should know better!

  5. This is a soapbox issue for me, not only as a parent, but as a child and family therapist. We are sexualizing our kids at such an early age! It is beyond extreme. I have to talk to parents all the time about this. THis is sad and awful and those little girls have no idea what they are doing.

    It’s a pity that the main thing – these girls can dance – is totally not the point of this video!!!!
    They are good but WHY they have to imitate someone who is an adult and a sex symbol? That I do NOT understand.
    World is full of good music to dance with. This video shows what kind of values they teach/give to their girls.
    This video shows that a new generation of sex objects is more than true.
    So sad.
    At the same time women want equal rights but are ready play men’s games…

    everything is for sale…I thought 7 yr old girls are still children!
    Don’t people think at all? Is this the image WOMEN want to give to the world? > it’s okay kids to play adult’s games for MEN? argh!

    I would never ever let my daughter (if had one) to do this kind of…ACT!

    I checked Chipmunks. They are not human beings, little girls!
    The girls are too young to understand what’s wrong. And that’s how it should be! They should NOT understand!
    But their parents do! They are the ones who give the values to these girls.
    Imagine how they do that dance when they go to birthday parties etc. More and more little girls are acting like whores…WRONG and sad!
    Adults are guilty. Also the media. Media should have moral but…I guess it’s lost long time ago…

    Revolting. Sad. Wrong.

    Thanks for your comment. I agree with you…

    You said it! I agree with you (and visit your blog later today! now I need to go out…)

    Thanks for your comment. I couln’t agree more with you! What kind of values adults have today if 7 yr girl is not a child?
    (I’ll visit your blog later today…)

  7. I agree that this video is inappropriate and wonder if these girls will be embarrassed by it when they are older. It’s a shame there wasn’t a better role model in their life who could have stepped in and helped them find less revealing outfits. I shudder to think of how many sexual predators have watched this video over and over.



  8. What parents accepts this kind of actions? Why do they think dressing up like hookers of Moulin Rouge makes them cool? They really don’t seem to raise the kids these days like when I grew up..

  9. These little girls were performing in a competition called World of Dance and encouraged by their parents. There is a cartoon called the Chipmunks that has the little chipmunks doing this dance as well. Both the parents and the little girls have been interviewed and see nothing wrong here.

    I find all three of those facts incredibly disturbing. It has created a firestorm on the news networks here, as it should. Everyone has an opinion. The majority find this appalling.

    It’s also dangerous. These little girls really have no idea they are doing something that invites the wrong sort of attention. And that is exactly why everyone is so furious with their parents.

  10. It’s sick and demented. Kids don’t get to be kids. TV has taken control, George Orwell almost had it right, instead of the TV watching us, we watch the TV. TV brainwashes folks into following in step… commercials selling pills for men to have hard ons is deemed acceptable – no wonder little girls dress like whores.

    Some people will do anything to make money, even exploit children. It’s a sign of capitalism gone rogue.


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