back to basics…

…in Blogger – able to upload pictures again
and in our new home…

Our washing machine’s water pipe/hose
was just hanging there freely…
until my husband fixed it…
this I’ve cleaned already…
these we found from the filter…

Last night there was a party downstairs.
At 2 am they started to play music and sing…
finally at 4 am we moved our pillows to living room sofa…
We wake up latest at 7:30
upstairs they start pushing the furniture
dogs start barking

Yesterday about 10 dogs barked more or less the whole day.
Today only in the morning.

We like the neighborhood. It’s like a tiny little village in a city.
Houses are really, really close to each others.
It’s good we have our own secret language!
Finnish is not very familiar in Casa 🙂

How’s your neighborhood?

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  1. >>YAELIAN
    We’re not totally settled down – our stuff from Cairo is still…somewhere.
    This and that has to be done before we could feel this like our home…
    But more space than in a hotel room! 🙂

    Activity – yes indeed!
    Last night the guy came home around 4 am. He had to move some furniture and make other kind of noises before he was ready to go to sleep.
    But we slept better than night before…

    You’re funny! But it’s great Life knows you’ll wake up sooner or later!
    This is as crazy as in Cairo or Abu Dhabi. Marble floors > every noise echos around.
    There are several dogs left alone at home. Of course the owners are not disturtuded – they are not listening that barking!
    I guess those little bent pieces of wire are from curtains.

    I wish! Our stuff from Cairo is not yet here. No coffee maker – that I miss most!
    Plus our linen, my summer clothes…I’ve used same clothes (washed yes!) almost two months.

    There’s a lot going on in this world.
    Poor people will get more poor and rich people worry to lose what they’ve got.
    Our greediness is why we have so many problems in this world…

    We’re in but not settled down yet…
    Ei ole kamat tulleet siksi ei olla viela kotiuduttu. Olen kohta kaksi kuukautta kulkenut samoissa vaatteissa – valilla pesty kylla. Onneksi nyt ei ole liian kuuma koska
    kaikki kesavaatteet on muuttokuormassa…
    Ensi viikolla lahden stadiin – kylla tassa viela viikon parjaa…Siella aion ostaa kaupungin tyhjaksi. Taalla vaatteet on kalliita, koot kippanoita tai laatu huono.

    Vinegar is very good and cheap to clean all kinds of things…

    Here we go to sleep around 11-12 pm and wake up later than in Cairo, 7-7:30…
    I like the neighborhood too but new noises take time to get used to…
    Last night it was nice and quiet until 4 and after that again when our neighbor went to sleep…

    I can’t wear ear plugs for a long time. My ears are so small!
    My hearing is also too good! 🙂

    One day it’s going to be normal…I hope! 🙂

    LOL! We have pets too…I’ll show you later today! 🙂
    This neighborhood…mainly wealthy locals…

  2. The contents of your filter are worse that my mouse. We live in a terraced house in a quiet suburb with very few people with migration background (except myself). :-))

  3. My family and I were talking the other day about how early most Americans go to bed. Except for major cities, most people are down for the count pretty early, and I’ve lived in a lot of places!

    I love my neighborhood. I can’t say I ever lived somewhere I didn’t like. I guess I’ve been super lucky.

    Though I’ve never lived anyplace as exotic and culturally out of my basic norm like Morocco!

    Hope you get a good night sleep. You’ll get used to things fast I’m sure.

  4. Pretty soon you will have all your things around you arranged just the way you like them. That is a huge comfort. I’m hoping all the wildlife, human and dogs, will calm down soon.

    How that drain worked at all is pretty amazing.

    It appears that several traditional male/muslim societies are having the rethink their social and political structures. They and the EU have to find solutions soon.

    Like Arizona and the illegal immigrant issues – we have work to do here too.

    Happy unpacking!

  5. Sounds a bit crazy! I was thinking about one night when I was kept up until the early morning by some crazy dog that wouldn’t stop barking. I got up to check it out, only to find it was my own dog! I had gone to bed and forgot to let her back in the house. (She seemed very irritated when I let her in.) I was intrigued by those little bent pieces of wire found in your filter…what are those?!!

  6. You do have a a lot of activity around you! Noises during the day are ok, but at night it would be nice to have some sleep. Hope you have better luck for the coming nights.


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