hints and pets…

…is your floor made of stone?

There are different sizes,shapes and colors of felt pads- 
easy and cheap way to protect your floors from scratching 
your neighbors from the noise when you drag your furniture…
Do you have a dog?
Please train it so that it’s not barking all day long when you leave it alone at home…
You are not disturbed of that barking because you’re not at home!
but think about your neighbors…
We have very quiet pets in our Casablanca kitchen.
In Cairo we had huge cockroaches but here we have a zillion of these!
Do you know what these are? Do you know how to get rid of them?
Do you have ‘pets’ in your kitchen?

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  1. Hi Blogitse! Just kill them… 😉

    Sorry for the absence, but my computer broke down and I’ll be waiting a month for it to be fixed… ;-( Anyhow, I left you a post on the suburbs of Ephesus for you to enjoy. Have a great weekend!!

  2. BLOGitse’s report of the situation today, 27.5.2010:

    I cleaned AGAIN all the surfaces with Dettol and vinegar, sprayed with Raid, no food left anywhere, not a drop.
    This morning one trap is as full as yesterday, the other one got couple of new ‘artsy’ tenants.
    We meet the owner on Friday.

    I don’t like any kind of creatures in my kitchen or in my bed…other than my husband! 🙂

    Thanks for your comments everyone! Have a great day!

  3. You actually make these hideous creatures look “artsy”! And, yes, Cloudia is correctamundo. Boric acid will get rid of those Palmetto Bugs in a Miami second!

  4. I just get sugar ants once a year. Raid works wonders on any bug. My cats usually take care of the worst of the multi-legged pests.

    Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day!

  5. Jep, meille tulee näitä pienempiä versioita kesäisin alakerrasta ja kauppatavaran mukana kun lomalaiset eivät vaivaudu tarkistamaan. Joka syksy käyn torakkasodan. Tyhjennän keittiön, sirottelen Täystuhoa semmoisiin paikkoihin joihin ei ihminen pääse koskemaan ja loput suihkutan. Pysyvät hyvin poissa taas vähän aikaa. Kerrostalossa on vaikeampi tukkia kaikki reiät, niitähän nousee viemäreistäkin.

  6. Get raid bug spray.
    We have these critters from time to time and that stuff kills them pretty well.

    I hate barking dogs too. Ours are quiet, thank goodness.

    Best wishes from hot South Sinai!

  7. My floors are made of stone.I should buy those pads,but then,I extremely rarely move my furniture.I guess you should recomment those to your neighbours…;-) My dog is trained not to bark,when I am away,and as far as I know,he doesn’t do that in my absence. Ugh,cockroaches! I come across some big ones occasionally,for which I have a very effective killer spray.I suggest you try to find one too.

  8. Yes, the pads are helpful. There is another variety usually referred to as ‘sliders’…you slip them under the feet of heavy furniture and it makes them slide easily across the floor when re-arranging things. I amsure there are some pesticides out there for the bugs…but don’t know names. There is one kind you can scatter outside the house along the foundation too.

  9. The felt pads are great, I use them when I’m cleaning tile floors to move things out of the way.

    EEEWWWW – those things looks like the local cockroach to me. Sounds like the building is infested to have that many. I would sure spray along the baseboards. I saw an advertisement once for some device that plugs into an electric socket. It is supposed to emit frequencies that are not tolerable to pests, yet safe for pets. Not sure I believe that, but if it’s true, it might be one answer along with spray.


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