back in time…

…they use still cheques in Morocco. I was surprised to hear that ‘normal’ bank account is called ‘cheque account’.
They don’t have online banking here like they had in Egypt (HSBC) or in Finland all the banks do.
You can NOT pay bills online like we’re used to in Finland. You can see only your saldos online, that’s it.
Oh, la laa.
I’m used to do everything online. Or to pay by card, credit or debit. This is like going back in time when I used to write cheques! oh, boy!

Do you still write cheques?

We haven’t heard where our stuff is, still in Barcelona or has it arrived to Casa.
Because all my pens and papers are in the container I played a little bit with my computer…
Here you are,
digital art by BLOGitse 🙂

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    ooops, I didn’t know cheques are stiil so widely used!
    My digital work > it’s fun sometimes just to play and see what different tools make.
    Original picture was a photo…can’t remember which one. I miss my papers and pens, pencils, brushes, colors…….

  2. Here they use cheques too,but you can still do everything online. I use cheques solely to pay for the monthly maintenance cost of my building, because we have to give 6 ready written cheques for each month 6 months in advance,for that purpose.-
    I can’t believe your things still have not arrived!
    Nice digital work:-)

  3. You gotta do more digital art. These remind me of Jean Arp and Juan Miro which ain’t bad company to keep!

    Checks? What are those? Didn’t people use them in olden times to pay for stuff 🙂

  4. Your art is awesome!

    Checks – we only write them to pay some bills that don’t have an online pay option.

    Casa sounds like a place with a slower pace – more peaceful.

  5. Online is the only thing for me, it would be strange to use cheques.

    Digital art is fun to do. Nice lines in your work.

    Hope you’ll get your stuff soon!

  6. The digital art is cool….sadly however, because my mind is so upset with the oil spill in the gulf, I interpreted these images as though they were patterns of an oil spill….!! Thankfully, your aesthetic ‘blobs’ are pleasant….BP’s are deadly!!!

  7. I like the digital art…
    we use checks but not very often. Most bills are paid online in the US for us now, but here in Brazil, you print out a “boleto” or paper bill, and either take that to the bank, or pay kiosk….

    Thank you for your sweet note on my post. I agree, friends make such a difference. You will get accustomed to Casa, give it at least 6 months, if not more!



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