greetings from Helsinki, Finland!

Hi everyone!
It’s really beautiful here right now – fresh, summer green everywhere, nights are bright and people are happy!
Here’re a couple of pictures – too busy to post more now. I have to go shopping and then have lunch to my mom’s, yummy – I don’t have to cook! and later I meet a friend…

Shot from a moving bus on Friday – 
on my way to Porvoo to my friend’s summer house…
It’s so clean and EMPTY here! 🙂 and green…
did I say empty? 🙂

Tomorrow I have mammography –
it’s my ‘year after breast cancer surgery check up’ – I’ll post about that later…

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    We're almost neighbors now – we have almost similar green nature around us…but we have more lakes in Finland! 🙂

    Kesa on just nyt parhaimmillaan!
    Tervetuloa – tanne mahtuu! 🙂

  2. Oh you're back in Helsinki! Thanks for showing some of it to us. IT really looks green and merry – that's something that you miss when you live in a country with a warm climate all year round, you miss the changes in nature and even in people's mood!
    All the best and I hope the results of the test show that everyhing is alright!!
    Greetings from Holland!

    I had the mammography this morning – nurse didn't see anything suspicion but final result I'll hear next week…
    I met my dentist too – always so nice to see her! 🙂 eeek!

    I hope to post more pics tomorrow. It's going to be nice weather – sun but not too hot…

    Surprise, surprise: our stuff from Cairo arrived!!! Lots of boxes waiting unpacking when back in Casablanca…

    Have a great day, see you!

  4. Everything just looks so fresh and clean! I've never been to that part of the world…on my bucket list, for sure…

  5. Hi Blogitse! Wish you all the best!!
    Summer looks great everywhere…

    Blogtrotter Two is departing Turkey 2009! Enjoy the views and have a great week ahead!!

  6. I'm keeping you in my thoughts and sending positive energy your way that your tests come out squeaky clean.

    Love the pictures of "empty" and green Finland. Especially that wonderful pinecone.

  7. I feel EXACTLY like that when I come home: all is so clean, green everywhere and empty (meaning there is space without buildings and people). Breath it in, breath it all in!!:) Have a good time visiting home!
    BTW I'm moving to Casa in 10 days. God I hope I can support the heath:)

  8. Tervetuloa Suomeen. Toivottavasti Suomi on ystàvàllinen sinun terveydellisikin. Minà olen ihan hulluna tàhàn maahan!

  9. I too hope that your mammography is ok.
    Nice to see pics of Helsinki,where I will be soon too. Like that picture of Espa,and will be passing that bridge on metro train soon……

  10. Thank you for the greetings, will be there exact within a month for 2 weeks. Let's trust that the results from mammography will show all clear.
    Happy Sunday!

  11. Welcome to Helsinki!

    Hope your mammography shows that everything is alright.

    I had my back operated on Tuesday, all went well, and I'm recovering slowly but surely.


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