photos of the weekend #25

blooming and blooming…

Alexandra made me glow…you’re a sweet young lady!

Unknown Mami

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  1. lovely flowers in this post!

    I tried to comment on the next post but it seemes that your blog wasn’t happy with me so here it is:

    lovely selection of photos, the last three photos of buildings are particularly nice, very impressive architecture!

    Thanks for your comments!
    I hope to get back on track soooon.
    I've tried to visit at least all of you who left a comment here. As you all know blogging takes a lot of time and I feel quilty sitting here instead of unpacking…
    But this is more fun!
    I hope to see you all this weekend again!

    Kiitos kommenteistanne!
    Toivon pikku hiljaa paasevani takaisin raiteilleni mika ei ole helppoa koska muuttokamat odottaa purkajaansa…Toisaalta meilla on huutava pula tilasta mihin kamoja voi laittaa siksi purku ei ole sujunut suunnitelmien mukaan. Lintsaan tassa koneella ihan liikaa ja siltikaan en ehdi kaikkien blogeissa kayda. Yritan parantaa tapani!
    Toivottavasti tavataan taas tanakin viikonloppuna vaikka juhannus onkin!

  3. Just had another thunderboomer roll through…what is going on with this crazy weather…somebody must be pissed…Mother Nature perhaps, with good reason!!!

  4. Very nice! Absolutely gorgeous flowers. I like the girl very much but I also liked how you caught the man and the child in the reflection of her mirror.

  5. The flowers are so pretty! And the makeup girl…what is not to love about her! : ) I bet you were dazzling!

  6. Think there was a typo or two in my previous post. Oooops. But not certain as it's not visible until after approval 🙂

  7. So very beautfiul are your weekend photos! You must be so happy to be home again. Have a fun weekend settling back in 🙂

  8. I enjoyed your colorful florals and their subtle shadows. What an interesting green "pod" — is it a seed pod of a plant? I need some glow from Alexandra too. 🙂

  9. Love your beautiful flower shots, such lovely, vibrant colors! And Alexandra is a beautiful young woman — I could use someone like her on a daily basis!!! Have a safe trip home and a great weekend!


  10. Hi everyone!
    I fly back to Casa this weekend. We had a good time here in Helsinki but we're ready to go home, Casa home.
    Have a great weekend!


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