Le Palace d'Anfa – did you miss me?

Back in Casablanca, Morocco again!

A happy staff after breakfast…
All my friends… 🙂 

Hi guys!

Did you miss me? Don’t worry, 
I’ll visit you as soon as I get my nails done! 🙂 
‘Mr.Bean’: A Dry Martini would be gooood!

We came home to Casablanca very early Sunday morning, slept couple of hours and started to unpack our 

stuff. Yes, finally all our stuff from Cairo arrived after sailing about 2 months via Barcelona to Casablanca!

Now I have all my summer clothes here but where’s the summer???

Not too cold but I miss the sun!!!

We stayed in Le Palace d’Anfa long enough to get to know most of the staff –

helpful and really nice people!
I made them crazy several times during our stay but we’re still friends, 
I think?! hope so! 🙂

Where have you met nice hotel staff lately?

0 thoughts on “Le Palace d'Anfa – did you miss me?”

  1. >>CLOUDIA
    Aloha my friend! 🙂

    For Finns midsummer, 'Juhannus', is the biggest summer celebration and this year it's this weekend.
    Cities will be dead quiet because all the people (or most) are in the countryside going to sauna, swim, bonfire and a couple of drinks, hm…more than a couple! 🙂

    More will come, don't worry! 🙂

    You're welcome,
    thanks for your visit here!

    I guess you don't know yet where you're heading next…

    I will – tomorrow morning! 🙂

  2. Casablanca misses you!Do check my post on Smiles of Rebak Island – the hotel staff have been excellent! Yay!

  3. I'll bet having your things around you is heaven. You will finally feel at home.

    The hotel pics are wonderful. What happy people! Did you just give them a big tip? ;>)

    I'm looking forward to seeing Casa as you explore your new home.

  4. So, the Finnish summer is already over for you, although it started officially today! Happy anyhow to see you blogging!

  5. >>ALLU
    Ei voi tietaa automatic…mutta kiva jos olen tervetullut takaisin! 🙂

    Oh boy! I haven't touched my nails yet! I've washed the oven now twice, third time waiting.
    When that process is over I'm going to have a drink!!! or two!!!
    I'm really, really fed up with cleaning this place. argh!!!
    But otherwise life is good. Right now sun's shining and that's a big plus!!!

    Ala muuta sano. Jotenkin on vaikea uskoa, etta kamat oikeasti seilasi noin pitkaan…totuus saattaa olla ihan jotain muuta mutta en sita nyt enaa mieti.
    Kolmas kerta viela uunin pesu ja sen jalkeen teen drinksun.
    Saa siivoaminen talta paivalta riittaa!

    No, no thank you – not that hot here!!!
    Right now sun's smiling!
    I wish I could live suitcase life but I have too many notebooks, pens and books plus my sewing machines etc. No…I couldn't. You're lucky!

    Thank you!
    It was a funny couple of minutes when I shot those pics.
    I was standing on the chair and acting like a conductor or a leader of the band: one-two-hands up to the right, left…
    But it's difficult to shoot ex tempore because people are patient to pose only a very short period of time as a group. Very challenging but fun! 🙂

    Ja aurinko ilmaantui hetki sitten. Mika ihanuus! Ja mina olen sisalla ja pesen uunia, kolmatta kertaa!

    En toivo helteita vaan lamminta. Sain helteesta ihan tarpeeksi Cairossa, vahempikin riittaa. Uima-allasta kaipaan!
    Nyt kun aurinko vihdoin tuli esille tuntuu kesaiselta! 🙂 VAIKKA olen sisalla ja kolmas uunin pesukerta menossa…ja saa luvan olla viimeinen talta paivalta! 🙂

  6. Tervetuloa takaisin Afrikan puolelle, mukavaa että tavaratkin löytyivät. Minulla vielä kolme viikkoa lomaan, älä toivo helteitä sitä ennen kiitos!

  7. Siinä on sinulla hommaa, kun availet laatikoita ja järjestelet tavaroita, vaan ihanaa, kun vihdoin saitte tavaranne sinne.

    Ei täälläkään ole lämmintä, hrrr.

  8. Welcome Home and Congratulations on your good health report!

    I can't believe how you get people so happy to have their picture taken. Look at all those cheerful waving people! I swear it's a real talent to put others at such ease. I wish I had that gift. Very uplifting. Great portrait work!

  9. Glad all went well! And glad all your stuff arrived.
    We don't have that 'problem' – we just travel with the suitcases 😉
    Shall I send you some heat?

    Back home!
    Unpacking. Oh we do have a lot of…everything!
    My nails are broken – opening boxes, cleaning this and that…Yes, I wear gloves but not all the time, impossible.
    Today life is good.
    How about you?

    Takaisin kotona Casablancassa!
    Muuttokamojen purkausta ja siivousta. Kynnet on ruubenilla laatikoiden avaamisesta ja veden kanssa latraamisesta vaikka valilla kaytankin kasineita, koko aikaa ei voi.
    Tanaan kaikki hyvin.
    Enta sinulla?


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