Argan oil throws Moroccan women a new lifeline…

It didn’t take a long time to learn what Argan Oil was.
Argan Oil is Moroccan GOLD!
Are you interested how much this costs…
140 dirhams = 12,67 eur or 15.95 usd
I’m going to be beautiful forever! 🙂
UNESCO, and people excited by the oil’s reputed anti-aging qualities have helped by creating a global market for the exotic oil, the unlikely alliance hopes to raise awareness about the inherent value of the trees, encouraging more careful grazing and stopping the local population from chopping the trees down for firewood. The people in the area are poor, as they now understand the value of the tree, they are protecting it.
UNESCO declared a 25,900-square-kilometer of land between the Atlantic and the Atlas Mountains and provided money to manage the trees’ preservation. Chefs and society matrons took up the cause, praising the culinary qualities of the oil and its anti-aging effect on the skin. There is also a ban against grazing in the trees from May to August, when the fruit ripens to a bright yellow and eventually the goats climb the trees, eat the fruit and expel the pits, which locals continue to collect.

Read more in Wikipedia (it’s very interesting!)

Inside an Argan oil cooperative

Making Argan oil in Agadir, Morocco

Argan Oil Society/Mission Of The Argan Oil Society
The Argan Oil Society is commited to educating and improving the lives of all those that care about the look and health of their face, hair and body. It is our goal to tell everyone about this still unknown miracle oil.

“The oil, which is said to have restorative and age-defying effects, has become one of the latest miracle ingredients in the beauty industry.”
– The New York Times

Argan oil throws Moroccan women a new lifeline

To make sure thatyou’ve got a genuine 100% raw oil,
read the label carefully to verify thefollowing points:
– When buying fromMorocco make sure that the name of the cooperatives that produced it isdisplayed
– Beauty productsshould be made from cosmetic grade,
since culinary grade is produced fromroasted nuts to give it the distinctive nutty flavor
– Seek”all-natural” and preferably certified organic
– “Firstcold-pressed”. That means that the oil has not been heated over a certaintemperature (usually 80 degrees F)
– Fairly-TradeArgan Oil
– Choose a darkcolored UV-protected glass bottle, and not a plastic container
– 100% pure arganoil has a distinctive color, if you are sensitive to its natural smell, opt fora deodorized product
– If mixed withother ingredients, check them (e.g. acetic acid is thought to diminish naturalproperties of argan oil). Google them.

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Acetate in my cream – oh yeah…that’s it! But can you make cream like this without adding acetate? There must be a reason for it!
Next time I google before I buy!

Want to buy Argan Oil online? Check out Argan Oils

Now I know so much more
and what to buy next time…

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  1. >>TROTTER
    LOL! We need always Hope!
    Thanks for your comment – have a great rest of the week! 🙂

    Thank you! Blogging is a super great way to learn about different countries, lifestyles etc. on this planet!
    Sharing rocks! 🙂
    There’re many videos in YouTube how people have found help for acne and other kind of skin problems…

    Oh, never heard of Baobob nor Ginko before. Of course I had to google them.
    Here’s Wikipedia info about BAOBOB
    and GINKGO
    I haven’t bought the oil yet – too busy to do that kind of shopping now! 🙂 but I let you know when I’ve bought and used it for couple of weeks…
    I’ll make a review posting…
    And if you buy it please let me know how it works for you!

    Olisi ihanaa tehda itse voiteita ja tuoksuja!
    Hyva kasivoide olisi kylla nyt tarpeen. Olen pessyt ja kuurannut niin, etta kadet on ihan ruubenilla vaikka kayttaisin kasineita…

    I didn’t know what Havoline was! Of course I guessed but I had to google it, now I know! – am I curious or what!? 🙂

    I know! I spend far too much time blogging. That’s why it’s good to go out of the house or to do something else…Blogland is so interesting! I’ve met so many nice people around the globe – and talented!
    I follow you too – can’t wait to see your becoming posts…

    Let me know if it is the same and if you buy it I’d like to hear what you think about it!

    >>MELISSA B.
    You too, please let me know what you think of it if you buy it, thanks!

    When we moved here there was an article on a magazine in that plane – so I knew about that oil almost immediately! Or before I knew anything else… 🙂
    I think it’s important that UNESCO has been active in this case.
    I wish women who are working in those cooperatives will have better life when they have money of their own…

    I’m so happy you left a comment. I have always time to visit if somebody asks! 🙂
    Have a great day!

  2. Oh, this is fantastic. Great to see that so much effort is put into taking care of the trees as well as of making money and that the money also goes for the local communities.
    I’d never heard of Argan oil before, so thanks for sharing all this – it’s very interesting!

  3. You put so much work into writing this post. I am interested in your reaction to the magical cream after you use it awhile. I hope you write about it with an update on what you think. I became one of your followers and am happy to make your acquaintance in blogland.

  4. Täälläkin on noita Argan-tuotteita aika lailla. Itselläni on sitä sisältävä hiusvoide,mutta en erityisemmin pitänyt sen tuoksusta.
    Kyllä voi tehdä voiteita täysin ilman lisäaineita,mutta sitten niitä pitää säilyttää jääkaapissa.Ystäväni Mimi tekee itse yrttipohjaiset voiteensa ilman mitään lisäaineita,eikä yksikään voide ole niin pehmentänyt mun käsiä kuten se voide.Mutta sitä pitää sitten tosiaankin säilyttää jääkaapissa.

  5. This is such an interesting post. I love hearing that prehistoric trees still survive and are protected. Up to now the oldest currently living speies I knew about was the Baobob and Ginko.

    I would love to hear how you like the oil, either as a cosmetic or culinary treat. Thanks for the post – I'm bookmarking some sites about Argan oil.

  6. Your reporting from these exotic places is so interesting. I often repeat your stories to family and friends. I will undoubtedly pass along this report as well as it is a cause well worth supporting, not to mention the fountain of youth is at hand!


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