commenting – blogger vs. wp?

As you know I’ve had this self-hosted blog now less than a week.

Exploring and commenting other blogs I’ve noticed a new dilemma.

Here I am leaving a comment on The Fifty Factor blog.

She has a WordPress address but Blogger as a platform.

(hm…is that correct way to say it?)


oooops, I can NOT leave a comment if I don’t have a blogger or google account.

My blog is self-hosted.

So this means that I have to either have a blogger or google account if I want to comment on blogs which are using blogger.

Am I right?

If you know about this please let me and my readers know too!


Here I am leaving a comment on Home Cooking with Sonya blog.

Notice! Comment moderation is ON but I have the option to add my name and URL.

NO google nor blogger account needed because Sonya’s blog is a blogger’s blog.


Am I right?

You NEED to have a google/blogger account if you want to comment on a blog which is hosted by WordPress

but uses the blogger platform?

Yes, yes I know that most of us have google accounts but now I realize it’s a MUST…

Did you know this?


Some blogger bloggers tell me that they have their commenting option open only for those who have a google account because they want to moderate the comments.

As you can see from Sonya’s comment section: all options are open and she has moderation ON.


Have you noticed something interesting when changed from blogger to self-hosted blog or from blogger to WordPress?





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    • Yes it did!
      I’ve seen you commenting but not posting recently…or am I blind? oh, I have to go and check right after this…thanks for your visit!

  1. From reading the comments and your replies, I believe you have a better idea of the issue with comment system.
    Basically there are many options in the settings and different blogging systems (blogger, wordpress, typepad) don’t carry your id information between them.

    I like DISQUS but I know some people don’t. It has many nice features but I will admit it does not run smoothly all the time.

    Oh, don’t confuse being on blogger or wordpress with having your own URL (web address). Either system will let you have your own URL. You just need to set it up.

    • I like Disqus too! I just changed my new contact info. A helpful person gave me a hint that my Disqus had old information! 🙂
      I don’t understand why some bloggers do not understand what I’m trying tell??? Some are worried they get more spam if there are other options than a commentator has to have a google/blogger account. That is not true because moderation is the one you have set correctly!
      But what can I do? Nothing. Change is difficult. To learn new habits is difficult. Do I know? Yes I do but I’ve learned a lot! And I love every minute! 🙂

  2. there are so many different comment formats….i leave mine open, but moderate anything over 7 days because of all the spam on older posts…discus is probably my least favorite format, having to put my info in again and again…have heard there are issues with leaving commetns on blogger but as far as i know the only blog i cant comment on is a word press blog…

    • If you register in Disqus you don’t have to add your info every time. I’ve created an account just for commenting in Disqus. It’s great and MUCH more easier and quicker than commenting on blogger.
      Moderation is NOT a problem. The problem is if there is not Name/URL option. If not, you have to use google/blogger id. When you leave a comment the link next to the avatar is for blogger account NOT to actual, wanted blog, for example my new blog.
      Changing that setting does NOT affect moderation settings. Many bloggers moderate all their comments but they have Name/URL option – everything works fine!

  3. Now you’ve got me curious too about leaving a comment on my blog, which you did. Was it a problem? I guess you used your gmail?
    I do like your new bio page and layout. Sounds like you’re getting ahead of the game. Is it to promote your photography?

    • As I answered to you on your blog – no problem at all. Your comment settings are perfect and my link is to this address because you have Name/URL option! 🙂
      Sonia, I don’t know what I’ve been promoting recently. I’ve been a little bit lost. But just yesterday I made some decisions how to go on.
      I lost ‘my way’ or ‘my voice’ and I want it back. And it will be. Back on track.
      Thanks for your visit!

      • That happens to all of us. I consider it part of growth. You may have noticed I’m focusing more on “family” and everything it entails. Also being “Gutsy.” All of this is due to my interest and my memoir which is about both issues. I was just curious if you wanted to promote your artistic side.

      • I’ve noticed. And you’re doing fine. My focus was lost but hopefully I got/get it back…
        To promote my artistic side…I’ve not thought about that but maybe you’re right! Unconsciously .
        Today I feel I’ve taken 3 steps backwards and not trying to forward again. But I’m happy I woke up! 🙂

  4. I have a blog but I also find it difficult to comment on blogger blogs, I use my Blogger blog address (my blog was on blogger first) to comment on blogger blogs.

    If I don’t – there is no way to receive email updates if a comment has been responded to.

    A lot of other bloggers face the same problem and this has been blogged about too.

    Word verification is unnecessary if one has enabled comments moderation. Commenting should be made easier if we want to welcome comments.

    • Do you fill NAME and URL so that you get correct profile address next to your avatar?
      I do that…on those blogs where that possibility is!!!!!!!!!!

    • oh, I don’t need help, no need to be sorry 🙂 – this was meant to be a wake-up call for bloggers – like me! or not any more…I should’ve known this when I blogged from blogger…
      See you! 🙂

  5. I have a Blogger blog but I uploaded Intense Debate as my comment platform because I wanted the options of adding a TwitterID and CommentLuv.

    I haven’t encountered any issues commenting on any blogs but then, I do have a google account 🙂

    One of my pet peeve is people who moderate comments AND require the word verification. Seems a bit of overkill to me.

    Visiting from Lady Bloggers

    • Thanks Carrie for your visit & comment. Intense Debate is very good platform – all Blogger people should have it!!! If only I knew earlier…
      Have a great weekend!

  6. What you are showing in the first case is the same setting you had on your blogger account when I first ‘met’ you.

    Yes, you have to either have a blogger or google account to be able to leave a comment on those blogs that don’t open the option for either ‘URL-comments’ or ‘Open ID’ comments.

  7. I did indeed notice that problem when I went from to I could no longer use that open ID option. I wish more blogger uses paid attention to the options they have for commenters. I do have a google account, fortunately.

    • I didn’t know about this kind of problem before my move…
      I’m not sure if I like the idea that I MUST have a google account to be able to comment…

  8. I used to have my comments open with no moderation at all. However I now get a mass amount of SPAM coming through my comments now and then ever once and awhile you get someone who has nothing better to do than leave really nasty comments. I finally had to switch over to moderating when a friend couldn’t post on my blog due to me not allowing Anonymous posts.

    I like how yours is set need to type in a security code or anything..those drive me nuts.

    • I don’t need any kind of codes because I check every single comment before I publish them.
      Commenting should be as easy as possible!!!

  9. As I travel around to different blogs, I notice each blog accepts comments differently. Sometimes I don’t have to do anything. Other times I have to enter my google account name. Still others I have to enter my blog info. I have only come across a couple blogs that were not comment friendly. I am glad you were able to leave a comment on my blog and I hope you come by often.

    • It takes much more time now to leave a comment on blogger’s blog. Every time I want to leave a comment I have to fill name + url. Between blogger blogs it was easy but I like WP’s comment system much, MUCH more interactive and easier to use (I mean easy to reply every comment). Plus comment luv is a great tool. Just click and you jump other blogger’s blog…
      I’ll be back to your blog, don’t worry! 🙂

  10. Have you experienced any problems when commenting on my blog? I have the option to leave comments with Name/URL, or Anonymously, in which case, you can write your comment and just sign. The downside here is that people can’t follow your link to your site… unless you add the link underneath your comment – which I don’t mind at all!


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