weekend hop, hop and the 2nd look…

This weekend I try new memes.

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On Saturday it’s time for the 2nd look


I tell with pictures how I felt after breast cancer operation in July 2009…

today 6 weeks ago…


2nd   Look Saturday Button


ps. If you want see my Photos of the weekend #29 jump here


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    • I think knowing helps. More we know and less we imagine or fear helps us when we have difficult times in our lives. I hope my pictures help people to realize how quickly the worst is over.

  1. I had Breast Cancer too and looks like the same operation as you. I found it healed very quickly as well. It was like nothing. I did go back to work too early though and got exhausted so it’s best to give the body all the time the doctor’s say it generally needs to heal. I was told not to life more than 15 lbs though with my right arm since I had it on my right side.

    Stopping by from Saturday Samplings.

    • autch, right side. Mine was left, easier I guess. I don’t have any pain or problems to move my hand which is great.
      Thanks for your visit, have a nice weekend!

  2. Fortunately for me, Blogger works well and very few problems. I am staying with Blogger. I have read many posts in the past couple months that describe a variety of problems with Blogger. Some issues have been remedied and some bloggers changed over to Word Press. I hope you have a great weekend.


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