Disqus on Blogger…

The Blog Herald wrote in their newsletter
Installing Disqus On Blogger Is Now Idiot Proof

of course I had to check it…

Oh boy, now it looks TOO simple and it’s FREE 😀

NOTE! You need to register your site before installing.
Otherwise Disqus is not able to find you blog… 🙂

If all Blogger blogs had Disqus our WordPress bloggers commenting would be much more easier!

And we could have interactive commenting because

Disqus has reply and followup options!!!

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  1. This is good news. I find it strange that I learned it here instead of from DISQUS. Of course your blog is very cutting edge and all. I feel like I am digging myself out of hole here trying to explain. The company should have told people about this big change in their offering. Maybe they will later?
    Yes blogging is puzzling because it is forever changing.
    I’m going to link this to my ‘I can’t blog’ site.

    • Great, I’ll visit your site this weekend – I add more comments! 🙂
      I really hope Blogger bloggers would install this! Would help our life a lot!

    • I agree!
      If I had still Blogger account I would add this NOW!
      Several people who I follow have Disqus and I really, really like it! MUCH better than Blogger’s own comment system…


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