I was lost…

Recently I’ve had several blogging problems.

I googled for help.

People who I asked couldn’t help.

No luck.

You know the feeling when you’re lost, totally lost and don’t know where to go next…

I was totally lost.

One day I noticed a blogger sharing tips. That’s how I met Lynda. Helping others. Sharing tips and help.

What was difficult for me was easy for her.

Lynda helped me!



Three keys to more abundant living:

caring about others, daring for others, sharing with others.

– William A. Ward


Please check her >>> digitalwoe blog. It’s full of tips. And beautiful photographs.

Here you find her finds >>> Friday Finds: Purple post with lots of hints included.

Lynda has her own >>> Flickr gallery – you should visit. And why not to join if you’re a photographer!

Thank you Lynda!

We care, dare and share – that’s what blogging is about.

Or what do you think, what blogging is for you?

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  1. It’s wonderful that you found answers to your questions. And Lynda’s blog is great! One of my favorite things about blogging is the online community of bloggers. I’ve made so many amazing friends – and I’ll look forward to getting to know you better!

    I’m 75% Finnish by ancestry (25% Norwegian), but I grew up in South Dakota. I was to Helsinki twice, though – both times for figure skating. I was there when my son competed in pairs at the 2004 Junior Grand Prix Final and when my daughter competed in ice dance at the 2009 European Championships. What a fantastic place to visit!

    • oh, how small world is!
      So you are really in figure skating…I’m not at all – so it’s going to be interesting how we find each others blogs. 🙂
      Thanks for your visit and comment!

    • Without her help…I don’t know where I would be now…
      Oh, you’ve publish new post – soon coming to read it! 🙂 I love comment luv!!!!!!!!

  2. hi there
    i am still very new to the blog scene but i am happy to be a part…
    I started because I thought it would be nice to interconnect with other people and to exchange and help in between…
    already now I know that people found help though my blog and it makes me happy! Sometimes I would love to have much more time to read and find more interesting blogs…

    • oh, boy do I know how blogging, interaction, is time consuming! But only way to find an audience is to be active…and it takes a long time to get loyal readers.
      What you give you’ll get! 🙂

  3. nice. cool to stumble upon people like linda that give selflessly…
    blogging is a way to tell the stories of my life and life around me and interact in community with others…the second part there was not on the list when i started but has become invaluable…

    • I’ve noticed your community is VERY active – you leave a lot of comments!
      For me interaction has been number one since I started, 2 years ago this month!
      But blogging has changed a lot. Most of the people read posts on reader(s) and don’t comment that often as before.
      But that’s how life goes…changing every day…

  4. Hi Blogitse! Great that you found Linda… Imagine being alone with Wordpress… ;))

    After an odd post, Blogtrotter Two has a bit of Catalonia in Sardinia… 😉
    Take pleasure in it and have a stunning week ahead!

  5. Blogging has become a way for me to truly find my voice as a writer. I spent many years writing for television and it was a good career, but I I was always writing what other people wanted. On the blog, I get to write what I want and I enjoy the immediate interaction with readers through the comments. I’ve met such interesting, talented, great people this way.

    • THAT’s why I like your writing style! You’re pro! 🙂
      I really like interaction but as you know WP – Blogger has a problem.
      That’s why it’s great you have Disqus – it’s so easy and a great tool!

    • Varsinkin meikalaiselle kun en muista mitaan! Se oli yksi syy alkaa dokumentoimaan elamaa maailmalla…
      Kaksi vuotta muuten tulee tayteen tassa kuussa. Taytyy varmaan jarjestaa bileet! 🙂

  6. Share, dare, care -that’s a good threesome! Good for you finding Lynda!

    My blogging is a way to express myself in writing, photographing and painting. And with that creativity I get in contact with others who inspire me.
    Interactivity. That’s the word. Interactivity and creativity.

    • Susu, you’ve helped me too couple of times, thank you! 🙂
      You’re so productive!
      I really like that quote share, dare, care………a new, excellent quote for blogging! 🙂 >> recycling! 🙂

  7. Isn’t it great to meet people like Lynda? Sometimes people come along that don’t even know you and are so helpful just because they can and it’s in their nature and they just genuinely want you to succeed. Really restores one’s faith in humanity. I know you are the same way!

    I visited her blog and found the article on camera RAW quite illuminating.

    • I try to be good….to share and help if I can.
      And give the credits where they belong.
      Sharing, daring, caring – all what I found to be so superb in blogging.
      I remember how your fan club was first very small…but now your audience is bigger week by week which I’m really happy about!!!
      Have a great day friend! 🙂


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